Senior Digital Analyst

Senior Digital Analyst

Senior Digital Analyst

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Job Description

Marketing - Full-time

Position Summary: Responsible for organizing, analyzing and visualizing ODBM digital metrics data to activate high-value, high-impact, marketing and business decisions.  This role requires the composing and presenting of global and regional data stories to inform leadership teams of their wins, risks, and opportunities.   The Sr. Digital Analyst actively looks at marketing trends and benchmark data to provide insight into the development of new digital marketing strategies that enhances the ministry focus of Bible engagement..

Essential Functions:


  • Assists the Digital Marketing team in defining digital metrics that can be measured globally for all assets and be aware of the emerging digital metrics and trends.
  •  Assists in designing digital analytics systems and setup procedures and methodologies to help effectively track data for website/app and other assets. Support in training requirements as and when required on the system (Tools/ Process)
  • Works closely within the organization  [Marketing, IS, Content] to optimize and coordinate campaigns and product offers that deliver actionable insights.  Correlate   the Digital Metrics with other organization-wide KPIs and understand their impact.
  • Partners with IS (As product owners or business analysts) to craft reporting requirements that enable other parts of the organization to make data-driven decisions.
  • Owns the periodic reporting of various digital dashboards with lead and lag indicators that correlate to the strategic themes and direction of the organization (Audience, Brand, and Content) to enable better decision making.
  • Builds and improves on 360-degree attributes of ODBM’s customer profiles that are formulated from multiple internal and external data sources.
  • Identifies, correlates, and shapes data insights towards innovative solutions to present to business stakeholders.
  • Conducts benchmarking and competitor analysis and studies market trends & new tools  towards developing  digital marketing strategies that achieve specific business objectives.
  • Works to galvanize and expand the global ministries’ competency in data analytics, collection and interpretation by training and supporting regionally based data analysts.

Study or Knowledge and Experience

Bachelor’s degree in marketing, analytics, general business required or equivalent experience.

Three years or more of marketing data experience, working with an emphasis on analysis, including making recommendations for business planning.

Exposure to the development of marketing programs, from research through execution.

Understanding of digital consumer behavior with a focus on donation and response behavior through direct mail and online activity.

Ability to learn and use new data analysis and visualization tools.

Proficiency with Microsoft Access, Excel, Tableau, Google Analytics.

Extensive understanding of ODB, direct mail and offer processes.

Strong understanding of relational databases and analytics.

Exceptional critical thinking and analytical skills are required.

Strive to live a life consistent with Biblical principles and demonstrate continued growth and spiritual development.

Internal Work Environment:

Consistent communication with the Executive Team, Marketing Operations Manager, Information Services Team, Print Services, and other work teams throughout the organization as needed.

Requires complex and technical communication in verbal and written form.

Provide Ministry Effort information and analysis as required by the Executive team for board reports.

External Communication Requirements:

Occasionally interacts with external contractors, service providers, and consultants.

Leadership Responsibility:

Information and communication to Executive Leadership.  Strongly influences the Ministries’ strategy development and decision making.

Oversees Dashboard data formats across all countries and regions to provide consistency and flexibility in reporting.

Steers current and future reporting requirements that are impacted by Ministry-wide changes (i.e. CRM replacements).

Guides Supply Chain team in structuring cost data and information into the Data Warehouse to optimize reporting needs and to remove deviancies.

Leads a cross-functional team of regionally distributed global digital analytics analysts to galvanize ministry analytics processes.

Stewardship of Resources:

Responsible for accurate reporting of response data which contributes directly to financial and marketing offer decisions.

Strategic recommendations based on marketing research and offer analysis and will directly influence bottom line of Our Daily Bread Ministries.


Based on biblical principles, our statement of faith and the richness of our organization’s history, we will strive to reflect our commitment to diversity by honoring the ministry’s mission, vision, values/ethos and guiding principles.

Our Daily Bread strives to embody a Biblically based commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

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