The mission of Ada Bible Church is to lead people into a relationship with God and His church that transforms them to Christlikeness. 



You can tell a lot about a church through their story. Past and present, ours is a story about faith and core beliefs; God’s faith in his people and the faith of his people in God. You can read more about our church’s history HERE.


Sr. Pastor Aaron Buer has been in ministry for 20 years, 15 of those years at Ada Bible Church. In December of 2023 Aaron was appointed to Sr. Pastor of Ada Bible Church. Prior to that he has served as Student Ministries Pastor, Teaching Pastor, and served as Weekend Services Director and Executive Teaching Pastor. Aaron is gifted in building effective teams and creating collaborative ministry environments. Aaron and his wife, Katie, have five children.  

Pastor Jeff Manion served as Sr. Pastor of Ada Bible Church for 40 years. In December 2023 Jeff moved to a new teaching and mentoring role with Ada Bible Church. Jeff is a gifted communicator, author, and mentor who has guided and coached many pastors and ministry leaders. Jeff and his wife, Chris, have three adult children and are proud grandparents.

Experience Ada Bible Yourself

Ada Bible Church is 1 church + 5 locations. We invite you to grow your relationship with God and engage with us as we journey towards becoming more like Jesus.


  • What do you have for my children and students?

    Discovery Village Children’s Ministry serves children from birth through grade 5 each weekend and at each campus. Find more information about Children’s Ministry here. Save some time on Sunday and register your child here before your first visit.

    We have Student Ministries for grades 6–12 called Lifeline that meets on Sundays (high school) and Wednesdays (middle school) September–May. We invite those students to join their parents during worship each weekend. Click here to connect to Lifeline. North Satellite students meet at Knapp Street Campus. West Satellite students meet at Kentwood Campus.

  • What should I expect?

    From the moment you arrive to when you drive away, we hope you find us a warm and welcoming place where you can discover God and his community. You can expect warm drinks (coffee and tea) and cookies, as well as a friendly greeting and helpful assistance each weekend. Each service during our weekend experience lasts about 70 minutes where we sing songs and listen to a message from a pastor. We have children’s programming for birth through 5th graders.

  • What should I wear?

    Come dressed comfortably. Some people wear shorts and t-shirts. Others wear dresses and suits. We are more concerned that you come as you are rather than if you look your “Sunday Best”.

  • What style of worship music can I expect?

    With a blend of modern worship, originals and hymns, we celebrate, sing and express a heart of gratitude to a loving God who desires to meet with us. Song lyrics are on the screen and everyone is welcome to engage with God through times of prayer, singing and scripture. Every campus has a live worship team and all of the services will have the same songs.

  • Who can help me answer my questions at church?

    We have many people ready to help. Stop by our Welcome Center or NEXT STEPS area at any campus on the weekend. A friendly volunteer or ministry leader can answer your questions or help you find your way. You can also look for our any of our hosts wearing a tag “I’m here to help.”

We Believe

All of us believe in something or someone. Beliefs help us guide our lives and helps others understand who we are. Here is what We Believe.

Staff Leadership