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It’s okay to feel a little lost when it comes to prayer. We get nervous or worry we won’t say the right things in the right order to matter. But Jesus knew how to talk to God and gave his disciples an example of how to pray in what we call The Lord’s Prayer.

Join us for our new sermon series called The Lord & His Prayer where we look at ways to use The Lord’s Prayer not as a formula—but as a way to guide our conversations with God.

40 DAYS OF PRAYER. Join us praying The Lord’s Prayer for the next 40 days to change our hearts and our community. Receive a weekday reminder for the 40 Days of Prayer when you sign up for our devotional email or read online at beyondthweekend.org.

JOIN A SMALL GROUP TODAY! Get the most from this series in a small group. We’re launching in-person and online small groups to connect and discuss the weekly sermon. Sign up for a small group today!