What is baptism?

Baptism is an outward expression of an inward change that has taken place in our lives after we have placed our faith and trust in Christ. Lowering into the water symbolizes dying to your old life without God. You are then raised to a new life living like the Christ.

  • Symbolizes your new life in Christ. Baptism is a picture of our transformation from chaos to new life with God. Read more in Romans 6.3-4 and 2 Corinthians 5.17.
  • Symbolizes your good standing with God. You are saved by grace through faith when you believe. Baptism washes that truth over you in a real and meaningful way. Read more in 1 Peter 3.21 and Romans 8.16.
  • Is a public declaration of who the leader is of your life. Baptism is an opportunity to publicly share your decision to make Jesus leader of your life. You won’t be perfect but you are seeking to follow him in everything. Read more in Galatians 3.27 and John 14.15.

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Baptism FAQ

Here are a few questions we are frequently asked about baptisms at Ada Bible.

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  • Who does baptism services?

    Our baptism services are performed by Campus Pastors, Small Group Pastors or Lifeline Pastors. Pastor Jeff Manion baptizes at the Cascade Campus but is not always available. The Campus Pastor and administrative team generally coordinate baptisms at each campus.

  • Can someone other than an Ada Bible staff member perform my baptism?

    Basically yes. If you would like someone other than the staff member scheduled to baptize you, please let us know during the interview and we will attempt to make arrangements.

  • I was baptized as a child. Do I need to do it again?

    There is no simple answer to this question. Baptism provides an opportunity to publicly share your belief in Jesus and God’s forgiveness of your sins. It is also a great time for the church to celebrate the change God has brought about in your life.

    Please send us an email if you have questions.

  • How do you do baptisms?

    We practice baptism by immersion in water. We believe that immersion, unlike other forms of baptism, paints a wonderful picture of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. It also portrays the washing, or cleansing, that God has done in a believer’s life.

  • Will I be asked to say anything?

    Baptisms are a great time for the church to celebrate the change God has brought about in your life and to learn more about you. Your story—your spiritual journey—has the opportunity to impact others. Our baptism team will work with you to record your story. Your story will be shared before it is your turn to be baptized.

  • What do I wear and what should I bring to the baptism?

    Women should wear a bathing suit covered by a black t-shirt and black shorts. Men are to wear a black t-shirt and black shorts. We will provide a black t-shirt if you need one. Please bring a towel, a bag for your wet clothes and a change of dry clothes.

    You will be provided a white robe after coming up out of the water. The black and white are symbolic of moving from darkness to light and from death to life.

  • Why should I be baptized?

    Baptism is the outward expression of an inward decision. It is a symbol of the spiritual cleansing that takes place in your life after you place faith and trust in Christ. When someone is lowered into the water, it symbolizes dying to your old life without God. When raised out of the water, it symbolizes a dedication to living like the Christ. It is also a great time for the church to celebrate the change God has brought about in your life.

  • What is the process for being baptized?

    If you are ready to take the NEXT STEP to be baptized, (1) sign up with the button above. (2) A church leader will contact you to schedule a time to meet. (3) They will talk with you about your faith in Jesus, your spiritual journey and the meaning of baptism. They will also explain about the baptism service itself and answer any questions. (4) You will write your “testimony”—the story of how you trusted Jesus. (5) You will be scheduled for a baptism service and baptized!