Join a small groups circle to share life, pursue God and invest in others.

What are Small Groups?

We want to see people become disciples of Jesus. Being a disciple simply means to be a follower and imitator of Jesus. Small Groups are circles of people that help each other be more like the Christ.

Small groups come in all shapes and sizes. Most groups meet once a week or twice a month. There is a small group for you no matter where you are in your spiritual journey.


Join an Adult Small Group

  • On-Campus Men or Women Small Groups. These small groups dig deep into God’s Word while meeting at an Ada Bible campus. See Men or Women for registration information.
  • Couples, Singles, Men, Women or Young Adults Small Groups. These small groups meet in homes, coffee shops or other locations as they share life, pursue God and invest in others. See Men, Women or Young Adults for more information.
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Sermon Discussion Guide

Dig deeper each week by working through our Sermon Discussion Guide with your small group. This guide provides an overview of the weekend’s message and discussion questions to get your small group talking. Intended to take 60–90 minutes each week. It is a great companion to Beyond the Weekend.

Discussion Guides

A Small Group Story


Our Values

Share Life

God created us with a desire for community. Small Groups help you build life-giving relationships as they…

  • Create a loving environment where people can share life’s joys and struggles.
  • Value and respect each person’s story.
  • Encourage, challenge and care for each other.

Pursue God

Small Groups help you take the next step closer to Christ, no matter where you are in the journey. Spiritually healthy small groups…

  • Discuss Christ-centered biblical truth.
  • Engage in meaningful conversations that challenge each other toward Christ-likeness.
  • Encourage spiritual practices that help each person faithfully follow God.

Invest in Others

Small Groups help us value others the way Christ values us. Outwardly focused small groups…

  • Serve together and encourage each other to find a consistent place to serve.
  • Invest in those outside the faith, respond when asked about our hope and invite others to a weekend service.
  • Consider group growth. That might mean adding new people to the group or branching out into other groups.

Small Group FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions about Small Groups.

Still have a question? Send us an email.

  • Do on-campus groups provide childcare?

    Childcare is available for day-time on-campus Thrive Groups and ABC Moms only. Registration is required for each child. See your Thrive Small Groups or ABC Moms for more information about applicable fees and scholarship opportunities.

  • How are small groups formed?

    We connect people in small groups by location, stages of life and by Ada Bible campus. Some small groups form on their own through personal invitations. Others form at our twice-yearly events called Group Launch. You can also use our Group Finder to find a group with a current opening that might work for you.

  • How long does a small group last?

    Some small groups last several months and some for several years. We don’t have a magic formula for how long a group will last. Our hope is that spiritual growth and healthy relationships happen no matter how long the groups meets.

  • What do small groups study or discuss?

    Small groups meeting on our campuses use studies chosen by the directors of the women’s and men’s groups. Small groups that meet in homes choose their own study.

    We highly encourage our groups to use our Sermon Discussion Guide, which takes you further into the weekend sermon with teaching, encouragement and practical discussion questions to help you apply the sermon to your daily life.

  • What’s the best way to get into a small group?

    We’re excited you are ready to take a NEXT STEP by joining a small group.

    Each Fall. Our men’s and women’s small groups launch each fall at each campus; however, often you can still join later in the year. Dates and sign up information will be available through our various connections (digital bulletin, online & social media). See the campus men’s or women’s director if you are interested in signing up after the fall launch.

    Group Launch. Join a new small group that meets in a home at one of our twice-yearly events called Group Launch. Watch our various connections (digital bulletin, online & social media) for the dates to sign up.

    Group Finder. Find small groups looking to add new people now through our online resource called Group Finder. You can search by zip code, age ranges and campus.

    Send us an email if you have further questions.

  • When and where do small groups meet and often do they gather?

    Each small group is different with different needs. Our on-campus men’s and women’s small groups meet most weeks during the school year. Other small groups meet in people’s homes or at local businesses. To best share life, pursue God and invest in others—we encourage small groups to meet weekly or at least every other week.

  • Who leads the small group?

    We desire our small group leaders to be seasoned followers of Jesus who love to see people spiritually grow in a relational environment. We don’t require a seminary degree or special counseling gifts. We simply want people who care for others and can bring direction and life-giving conversations to a group of people. We provide oversight and additional resources (such as the Sermon Discussion Guide) to help our small group leaders.