The Care Support Team helps people, in all phases of life, have a better relationship with God and others.

Care & Counseling

At some point in all of our lives, we all need extra help. Ada Bible offers many options for those who seek extra care. If you need prayer, meals or any care needs, click Get Care below or phone us at 616.622.3183.

Spiritual Care

It can be helpful to talk to someone about the situation you are facing. Our Care Support Team can help you sort through a difficult time and offer prayer and biblical guidance for your situation. Spiritual care is not intended to take the place of professional counseling.

Professional Counseling

Ada Bible partners with many Christian counselors in the area trained to help with situations including depression, marriage struggles, parenting difficulties, and other complicated circumstances.

Hospital Visitation

Members of the Care Support Team are available if you have just given birth, hospitalized or undergoing surgery. Due to patient privacy rules, if you or a family member are in the hospital and would like us to know—you must first inform the hospital and then contact the church at 616.868.7005.

Funerals & Memorial Services

When you experience the loss of a loved one, Ada Bible can help you with a funeral or memorial service. Our Care Support Team can help families during these difficult times by offering support, comfort and prayer. For funeral care, call the church office at 616.868.7005 or send an email.

Get Care

Other Care Needs

Financial Help

Financial Coaching

Meet with a financial coach who can help you get where you want to go with your finances. Coaches will guide, equip and encourage you to make the best possible financial decisions both now and for the future.

No matter what your financial situation looks like—a financial coach would love to help you!  Fill out our Financial Coaching form to be matched to a financial coach today. This service is free. For more information, email or call 616.622.3183.

Benevolent Funds

Financial support for families experiencing a hardship is available. If you are facing financial hardship and would like to work with someone to develop a plan, email or call 616.622.3183.

Prayer Needs

Submit a Prayer Request

We’d love to pray for you. Share with us your need and we’ll pass it on to those who pray.

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Pray for Those in Need

PrayerLink is our Prayer Ministry. Sign up below to receive emails so you can pray for others.

Pray for Others

Meals Ministry

Meals Ministry

Our Meals Ministry provides love and care for our attendees not yet connected to a small group by making and delivering meals when there is a new baby, an illness, or a death in the family. If you would like to be on the list to make a meal or know someone who needs assistance from the meals ministry, contact our church office at 616.868.7005 or email.

Weddings & Marriages

We highly value marriage. For those who are called to marry, it can be a significant blessing in their lives. However, to create a great marriage takes a lot of hard work, support from others and God’s direction in your life. We offer two types of marriage prep: Marriage Start is designed to help prepare couples for marriage. We cover topics such as communication, conflict resolution, expectations and more in a small group format. Remarriage Prep is designed for couples, whether one or both have been married before, preparing for a remarriage. Topics covered include communication, finances, blending families and more. This group is led by experienced mentor couples in a small group format. We recommend that you sign up at least 6 months prior to your desired wedding date to secure a spot in in either a Marriage Start or Remarriage group. Please complete the interest form below for more information.

Marriage Group Interest Form



We love when couples decide to get married at Ada Bible. Many of our attendees have had their weddings in The Chapel at Cascade or at one of our other campuses. Our in-house event planners will work closely with you to help create a memorable and beautiful wedding day at our church. To find out more about our requirements to be married, email us.


Questions? Contact us.

Groups & Classes

Click below to find more information about our care groups and marriage classes.

  • Grief Share Small Groups

    Discover Hope and Healing with Grief Share 

    Navigating grief is a journey like no other—unpredictable, challenging, and deeply personal. At our Grief Share small group, we provide a safe haven where you can find understanding, support, and practical ways to cope with loss. 

    Join us for a thirteen-week journey designed to help you navigate the complexities of grief. Whether you’re experiencing fresh loss or still coping with the weight of grief over time, our supportive environment offers a place to share your story and find solace among others who truly understand. 

    Why Grief Share? 

    • Supportive Environment: Surround yourself with people who comprehend the rollercoaster of emotions grief brings. 
    • Practical Guidance: Discover helpful strategies and resources to navigate each stage of grief. 
    • Flexible Participation: You can join our group at any time during the thirteen weeks—there’s no need to wait for a new session to begin. 


    Contact Us: Have questions or ready to register? Email us at  or CLICK HERE to secure your place in our upcoming sessions. 

    Your journey through grief doesn’t have to be solitary. Join us at Grief Share and discover the support and healing you deserve. 


  • Marriage Start

    This is a six-week course that teaches marriage principles for couples getting married for the first time. Topics include communication, conflict resolution, intimacy, money, and faith. Marriage Start is led by a couple that shares fresh insights and uses a highly interactive approach. Marriage Start is required for all who want to be married at Ada Bible Church or by one of our pastors.

    Email us with any questions or to sign up today.

  • Marriage Start: Remarriage

    This is a six-week course designed for couples that are thinking about remarrying. Topics include finances, parenting and relationship dynamics. Remarriages also require eight sessions of professional counseling in addition to course enrollment. Marriage Prep: Remarriage is required for all who want to be married at Ada Bible Church or by one of our pastors.

    Email us if you have any questions or want to sign up today.