"Go and make disciples of all nations..."



When we serve, we step outside the comfort of our day-to-day lives and give to others in a way similar to the way Jesus lived life on earth. Serving through missions shares God’s love story with others. Click here if you have questions, need more info about a trip or local opportunity.


Serve Locally

Ada Bible partners with a variety of local agencies to help provide support for practical and spiritual needs in the greater Grand Rapids area. Some opportunities are great for individuals and others for groups or families. No matter your skills, gifts or experiences—join us in serving locally.

Click on local opportunities to find a place to serve in your community.

Local Opportunities

Serve Globally

Ada Bible partners with churches across the nations and CURE International to provide gifts and serve others. Our gifts provide many things including much-needed supplies for physical and spiritual needs. Our missions’ teams share their time and abilities to serve at-risk families, children and churches.

But the impact doesn’t end at the airport before coming home. Global missions impact us at home too. Team members often share about how being challenged physically, spiritually and culturally gives them a greater dependence on God and a new awareness of his work in their lives.

Click on global opportunities for team openings and information.

Global Opportunities

Stories & Impact

Stories are important. No matter where we go, we share GOD’S LOVE STORY when we serve others. When we share OUR STORIES, we share with others what God has done.

Watch the stories below to witness how God is alive and active here at home and on the other side of the world.

Annual Report


2018 Christmas Service Times


Hurricane Relief




2015 Partnership with CURE


Partnership with CURE

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