Men's Ministry

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Jesus wants to be a part of every area in a man’s life.
He wants to pour through us as we work, play, love and live.

What is Men's Ministry?

Ada Bible is committed to helping men build strong faith in God and strong bonds with our brothers in Christ.

To learn to follow Jesus.

Be transformed by him.

Discover our uniqueness as husbands, fathers, businessmen and leaders.

Our Men’s Ministry connects men with God and other men through small groups, monthly gatherings and special events.

Questions? Contact us.

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Small Groups are 3–12 men who help each other become more like Christ. Some men’s small groups meet at the church and some meet in coffee shops, homes or other locations.

Men of Ada | Daniel

Follow God or Go Our Own Way. That’s the decision Daniel and his friends faced every day. That’s also the choice in front of us. How do you make decisions? What voices do you listen to when you need to make a critical phone call, take a new turn in your company or finally take a good, hard look at your own life? This Spring, Ada Bible Men’s Ministry is diving into stories from the Old Testament book of Daniel. Together, we’ll see how this book gives us practical advice for following God today.

 Join us for 12-weeks, starting February 2020 as the Men of Ada explore Daniel together. Life is a team sport – come join our team today and learn how to grow into the man God has called you to be.

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Purity Mentor Groups (PMG): These groups are designed to help men gain victory and freedom in the battles with sexual purity. You’ll experience real, open conversations about the pathway to becoming whole in this area of your life. Please email if you have any questions or need more information.

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Man Night | Explore


Men's Events


Here are a few questions we are frequently asked about Men’s Ministry.

Don’t see your question? Send us an email.

  • Do you have opportunities for men’s mentorship?

    We have several opportunities for you to be mentored. Email us to find a mentor or to answer other questions about mentorship.

  • How do I join a Men’s Group?

    Men’s On-Campus Small Groups meet September through April each year. New groups launch each fall.

    Men’s Off-Campus Small Groups launch twice a year. If you are interested in joining any men’s small group (on-campus or off-campus) outside of our group launch times, contact men’s ministry and someone will get back with you.



Check back often to see all that is happening in Men’s Ministry.

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