Quality, Risk, Compliance and Infection Control Nurse

Quality, Risk, Compliance and Infection Control Nurse

Quality, Risk, Compliance and Infection Control Nurse

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Job Description

Healthcare - Full-time

Clark Retirement is currently seeking a highly skilled Quality, Risk, Compliance & Infection Control Nurse to support the clinical leaders and frontline staff of our organization.  

This role is responsible for the infection control and prevention program designed to prevent the development and transmission of communicable diseases and infections.  This position serves as an active member on the quality assessment and assurance committee.  This role supports training and compliance with all facility departments and staff.


Essential Job Functions Quality & Risk:

·       Assists with planning, development, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and revision of Infection Prevention and Control Program goals, standards, policies and procedures

·       Coordinates multi-disciplinary and interdepartmental efforts to improve performance of infection prevention/control programs and services

·       Facilitates meeting applicable regulatory requirements through monitoring and reporting infection trends

·       Reviews, analyzes, and implements regulations, standards, and/or guidelines of applicable governmental agencies and professional organizations.

·       Collaborates in the development and delivery of educational programs and/or tools that relate to infection prevention, control, and epidemiology.

·       Reports infection surveillance, prevention and control in formation to local, state and federal public health authorities in accordance with law and regulation.

·       Participates in the development of special studies designed to identify unusual epidemic situations or to evaluate the impact of new products, equipment or delivery of patient care. Reports results to Infection Control Committee and other appropriate departments and/or committees.

·       Risk management – review investigations, establishes expectations and best practices for incident management for Clark at Franklin and Clark at Keller Lake

·       Establishes and meets with the quality committee monthly to review all assessment tools, data collection reports, maintain quality risk dashboard and activities regarding assessment. Implements recommendations.

·       Conduct on-going quality audits

·       Develop plan of action based on audits/quality measurements, maintain quality and compliance outcomes.

·       Review nurse documentation for proficiency and accurate wording and provide documentation training 

·       Actively participates in Quality Assurance, Quality Improvement, and Regulatory assessments under the direction of the System Director of Infection Prevention and Control

·       Evaluates potential for patient care improvements and initiates improvements for supplemental IC practices, procedures and products

·       Manages all aspects of the Infection Prevention and Control surveillance, including reviewing, classifying, and investigating pertinent information of patients regarding IC surveillance outcomes and communicates assessment results; makes determinations between healthcare associated and community acquired infection status of patients

·       Participates in the formation of policies, procedures and programs designed to meet the goals and objectives of the organization

·       Participates in the development and revision of infection control policies/procedure manuals.

·       Identifies and solves potential problems related to the implementation of infection prevention and control.

·       Serves as resource person or consultant in infection control to professional and ancillary staff

·       Serves as a member of the Clark Leadership team and participates with the Weekend On-call Leadership rotation

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