Volgistics Customer Support Specialist

Volgistics Customer Support Specialist

Volgistics Customer Support Specialist

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Other - Full-time

Volgistics is an online application that helps volunteer leaders recruit, track, and coordinate volunteers around the world. Our core customers usually include hospitals, municipalities, museums, animal shelters, zoos, and libraries. The software first began development in the late 1980’s with SAM in MS-DOS, moving to an installed Windows application called VolunteerWorks in the 1990’s, and emerging to the web-based Volgistics application that you see today in 2004. The company is well established, financially solid, and continues to grow. Visit https://www.volgistics.com to take a tour of the site.

Volgistics helped start the volunteer management software industry and continues to be a leader in the field. As the system tries to meet the needs of many different types of organizations, it has become feature rich with a flexible and customizable interface. Such a large and robust application can be difficult for customers to set up and manage. To compensate for this, we offer free and unlimited online support. Support hours are weekdays from 8am to 9pm ET, Saturdays from 11am to 4pm ET, at least one check-in Saturday evenings, and 3 check-ins throughout the day on Sundays. This is a fulltime position primarily during business hours, however the candidate will be expected to work two weeknights and on rotating weekends. Night and weekend work will be done online from home.

The Volgistics Support Team is a very valuable part of the company, and is our direct contact with users. Our main form of support is an online messaging system, however we also provide online demonstrations and trainings through Zoom. Support uses their insight to help drive our development agenda to make sure new features meet user expectations and are prioritized accordingly.

Tasks for the chosen candidate include responding to customer inquiries via an online messaging system, providing prospective customers with online demonstrations of the software, joining online training sessions with current users, creating specifications for new features, testing new changes to the software, and helping produce help topic text and videos tutorials.

The ideal candidate has customer service experience, fluid typing skills, is self-motivated, demonstrates excellent business writing skills, is a great problem solver, and enjoys the challenge of researching complex issues. The ability to learn and retain new information is critical. A better than average level of computer skills is important, although some technical skills specific to the job are acquired onsite. Additionally, the candidate must be patient, understanding, and empathetic to customer’s needs. The person filling this position must take ownership of and truly care that the customer’s needs are met.

The work atmosphere at Volgistics is very friendly. Every team member is self-motivated and takes pride in providing the best product on the market. We truly function as a team of professionals with mutual respect for each other, and we share a common goal of generating raving fans of our product.

Compensation includes a fully paid smart phone plan, vision insurance, disability insurance, life insurance, and a very generous 401K plan. If health insurance is desired, the employer pays 40% of the premiums.

Please send your resume and cover letter to jobs@volgistics.com with the subject “Customer Support – Ada Bible Church.”

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