1978Ada Bible Church is formed through the vision of eleven Christians who met at a home in Ada, led by the founding pastor, Joe Smith. Their dream was to bring Christ to southeast Grand Rapids, and help grow Christian people in their faith.

1980Ada Bible Church grows enough to build a meetinghouse on Alta Dale Avenue.

1983Jeff Manion, newly married to his wife, Chris, becomes the interim senior pastor.

1989The church, fluctuating at 50 people, decides to take a step of faith and sell the small church house on Alta Dale. They move Sunday services to a local high school and break ground for a new building on three acres purchased on Ada Drive.

1990Approximately 100 people moved into the Ada Drive building, beginning a period of tremendous growth for Ada Bible Church. Soon three more church staff are hired and the small group, youth ministries, and church office are launched. During the next eight years, Ada Bible begins to distinguish itself in dynamic ministry and small group ministry discipleship. Sunday morning grows to three services, with one service meeting off-campus at a high school near the church building.

1998Ada Bible grows to attendance of around 900. The church takes another step of faith and purchases 61 acres at the corner of Cascade Road and Quiggle Avenue to carry on the vision of reaching southeast Grand Rapids. The Ada Drive building is sold and once again services are temporarily moved to a local high school – Forest Hills Northern.

2000In July, attendance numbers continue to grow, peaking at 1500 just before the move to our new building on Cascade Road. The first five years on Cascade Road see continued growth in numbers, an overall expansion of small groups, and growth of our entire ministry outreach.

2004Due to continued growth, we add our first video venue located behind the atrium, called The Annex in the Winter.

2005In September, Ada Bible Church once again expands the Cascade Campus to include new video venues (The Studio and The Chapel) as well as children’s classrooms (Discover Village Uptown for k-5), and new office space. Expanded parking and an additional entrance are added to provide a welcoming atmosphere for our guests.

2008Ada Bible Church starts our first offsite campus meeting at Cornerstone Theological Seminary in September.  Over 1,000 people attend the North Campus the first day and God continues to bless our congregation.

2009In September, the North Campus moves from Cornerstone Theological Seminary to the Cornerstone University Gymnasium for expanded seating since attendance is now over 1500 at the campus.

2010Our Kentwood Campus launches in January.  Attendance grows to over 6,000 attenders, and we continue to use venues and offsite campuses to make small “churches” within a large church setting.

2011Ada Bible Church purchases land and breaks ground on a new permanent building home for our North Campus attenders in the Fall.

2012Ada Bible Church launches our Knapp Street Campus (formerly the North Campus) in the Summer. In September, Ada Bible expands Saturday night services to the Kentwood Campus and the Knapp Street Campus. Attendance is now at just over 8,000 and we continue to see God move in our ministries in powerful ways.

Sermon Series

Sermon Series

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