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We help students connect, ask hard questions and become more like Jesus.

What Is Lifeline?

Lifeline is a place for teenage students (grades 6–12) to connect with other teens and adults interested in investing in them. It’s a place to explore the story of God and find a place within that story. To engage with life-changing teaching, life-changing relationships, and life-changing experiences.

Middle School

LifeLine Middle School (grades 6–8) helps students take the next step in experiencing a living, breathing relationship with God and an authentic connection with the teenage in their daily lives.

High School

LifeLine High School (grades 9–12) encourages students to express their faith from the inside out. Students take their experiences with God, community, and service and begin to live out their faith every day.

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Lifeline Small Groups

We have a lot of fun at Lifeline but our small groups are where we really shine. Long-lasting change takes root when students have deep conversations and build close relationships—and when we give students intentional time to connect with each other and learn under the mentorship of a godly adult who loves and supports them.

How are Small Groups formed?

Each small group consists of roughly 6–10 students who are all the same gender, in the same grade and often attend the same school. Each small group is led by an adult leader with a heart to mentor students spiritually but also invest in their everyday lives.

Each Week at Lifeline

All campuses are the same. Weekly, Lifeline small groups catch up, discuss the lesson from the evening and spend time praying for one another. We hope students leave small group having grown closer to God and each other.



At Lifeline, we believe that biblical truth is vital and transformational in a student’s life. That’s why each week at Lifeline, students engage with biblical truth both through on-stage teaching and with small group conversations led by godly small group leaders. Students are consistently being challenged to look at life through a biblical lens and to encounter the world as Jesus would.


Lifeline would not be Lifeline without the deep and integral relationships our students build with their small group leaders and with each other. We believe that these relationships are essential for profound growth to happen within the community. As students invest in those around them, they learn how to care for others, and how to be cared for; how to ask for accountability, and how to hold someone else to their word; how to engage in small group community, and how to serve those around them. We hope that our students are known, and know others.


Whether it’s camp, a mission trip, or a senior student retreat—we know that outside-of-the-norm experiences can provide the space students need to reflect, open up, and worship. Lifeline seeks to offer a few highly intentional, potentially transformational experiences for our students every year. The experiences often result in pivotal memories of life change, new commitments, and deeper relationships with both God and others.

Students FAQ

Here are a few questions we are frequently asked about Student’s Ministry.

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  • Do I need to register my student for Lifeline?

    Yes. To ensure security for all children birth through grade 12, parents must register their child and update it yearly. Lifeline parents register their student to provide new or updated contact information, allergy information, and some other basics. Students can be registered for Lifeline here or at our blog.

    Students who visit Lifeline but are not registered are welcomed but we will need parents to still fill out the registration.

  • Does Lifeline do any events, camps or mission trips throughout the year?

    Lifeline has several fun events throughout the year including the infamous Snow Camp in January, Camp Lifeline in the summer and several missions opportunities. Click here to see Lifeline’s event opportunities including dates, fees and registration information.

    Many small groups host additional outings and events. See your small groups leader for details.

  • What is Lifeline?

    Lifeline is Ada Bible’s 6th-12th grade student ministry. Lifeline is a small group based ministry in which students connect with other students as well as adults who mentor and invest in them. Lifeline is a place for students to explore the story of God and find a place within that story. It’s a place to engage with life-changing teaching, life-changing relationships and life-changing experiences. Learn more at the Lifeline blog.

  • What is the Lifeline blog?

    The Lifeline blog is home to all event information, calendar dates and weekly teaching notes for the benefit of our Lifeline parents and leaders. The blog is updated each week and features some additional resources. Check it out at

  • When and where does Lifeline take place?

    Students in Grades 6–8: Middle School Lifeline is 7–8:30 pm on Wednesday nights from September to May at each of our four campuses. For a full calendar, visit the Lifeline blog.

    Students in Grades 9–12: High School Lifeline is from 6–7:30 pm on Sunday nights from September to May at each of our four campuses. For a full calendar, visit the Lifeline blog.

  • Who runs Lifeline?

    Each campus typically has at least two Lifeline staff members plus numerous volunteers. For a list of Lifeline staff, see Our Team on the Lifeline blog.

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