September 3/4 The Church as a Temple
September 3/4 The Church as a Temple

Sept 3/4 Church as Temple

September 3/4 The Church as a Temple



Say Yes to Serve. We have a lot of open spots this fall on our various serving teams and in our community. Whether you can help out in DV (children’s ministry), welcome people at the door (hospitality) or find a place to serve in Grand Rapids—fall is a great time to schedule an opportunity to serve. Have a conversation with your group about serving this year. Click here to see serving needs.


As we move toward launching groups at the end of this month, we expect to welcome many people into brand new groups. Talk as a group about who you may know to invite into your existing group and welcome as a new member.


Is your group thinking about a new study this fall? Connect with your staff contact One-on-One for recommendations and brainstorm what you might choose to learn next.


Welcome to the last week of our series THE CHURCH. This week we look at three actions we are called into as the temple of God.

We hope you are enjoying your Labor Day week. We recognize many groups change their typical group meeting on weeks like this, so we’ve changed this discussion guide to help your group have a meaningful conversation whether you are in a living room, around a campfire, at the campground, at a coffee shop or on a pontoon.

When have you experienced God’s presence among other believers?

In what ways can we offer “spiritual sacrifice” to God in our everyday lives?

How does thinking about the church as a temple change the way you view the church?

Which of the four pictures of the church did you connect with most and why (family, body, bride, temple)?

How have you grown in your understanding of the church in the past few weeks?

Is there anything else from the sermon or the series you’d like to discuss today?