Find Your Place to Serve

Find Your Place to Serve


You hear us talk about serving a lot at Ada Bible. Serving helps us grow in our faith and is how we as a church bless others.

Serve Children's Ministry

Share God’s love with kids ages birth-5th grade in our children’s ministry (Discovery Village). We need door greeters, leaders, storytellers and special needs classroom helpers.

It’s easy. You get the training, curriculum, support + community to help you do your best.

Sign up today if you’re a parent, grandparent, college age, young adult, teen 16+ and anyone else to help provide a space for kids to learn about Jesus while parents attend service.

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Serve Facilities

Our church community strives to be a place where everyone feels welcomed from the parking lot, to the auditorium, to the community spaces.

God gifted ALL OF US in special ways. Perhaps you love hands-on work, to clean or build, or maybe you have a green thumb. Facilities has diverse areas where you can step in and help to create welcoming and safe environments for people to worship and grow in.

We have openings at each campus from Adopt-A-Room for cleaning, snow removal, landscape maintenance, and more!

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Serve Hospitality

Our church community wants to be a place where everyone feels welcomed through the front doors, to their seat and back out again.

God gifted ALL OF US to serve others and hospitality is an easy way to step in to serve.

We have openings at each campus from greeting at the doors, serving coffee, helping someone find their seat, or answering questions at the NEXT STEPS area.

No experience needed. Just bring your smile and a heart to help.

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Serve with Meals Ministry

Want to use your gift for cooking to serve others? Then step into our Meals Ministry Team to make-and-take meals to those in our congregation in need!

We need meals at all campuses!

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Serve Production

So many people gather at our campuses each week to sing songs, hear inspirational stories and engage with transformational teaching. It takes many behind-the-scenes volunteers to make that experience happen.

We are looking for people to serve on our Production Team. We have spots open to work with audio, video, lighting and more!

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Serve Special Projects

Serving others not only has the power to impact hearts of those receiving, but also of those giving. Often our church has opportunities to serve those in our Ada Bible community and greater city community through unique needs and in special ways.

ALL OF US have special gifting. Perhaps yours is the ability to serve those in the community around you with care and flexibility. Our Special Projects team steps into special circumstances. This may be serving at a funeral, helping with special events at one of our campuses, or supporting unique “one of a kind” projects like packing care baskets.

No experience needed. Just bring your heart to help.

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Serve Student's Ministry

Our student ministry (Lifeline) is full of energy and fun! We’re looking for people to make a difference in the lives of young people and share Jesus’s leading small groups for middle school and high school students.

Don’t need experience. We provide the training, support and community to help you mentor students.

If you are college-age or older, consider serving Lifeline!

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Serve in Women's Ministry

Everyone woman wants to be known and supported. Our Women’s Ministry is a place for women to come as they are, embrace community and discover God’s great love for them.

A great way to meet others is to jump in to serve.

Tap SERVE WOMEN below to start a conversation and get connected.

Serve Worship

Each weekend, talented musicians and worship leaders lead us to worship God through music.

We are looking to add volunteers. If you play drums, keyboard or electric guitar—we would love to get to know you.

If you have not auditioned already, tap SERVE WORSHIP below to start a conversation and get connected.

Serve Grand Rapids

Whether you want to serve just a little or quite a lot—we have a local ministry partner that needs you. There are often a lot of needs transitioning into summer.

This is a great way to share the love of Jesus with people we haven’t met… yet.

Tap SERVE GR below to find ministry partner contact info and sign up to serve.

Serve Hand2Hand

It might surprise you to know a lot of kids live in homes without enough to eat especially over the weekend. Food insecurity is a serious and often hidden issue in the Grand Rapids area—and that breaks our hearts.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Hand2Hand, a local organization whose mission is to eliminate weekend hunger for children in West Michigan.

Hand2Hand provides backpacks of nutritious food for the students’ weekends and extended school breaks. Beyond physical nutrition, this food provides hope and shares Jesus’s love for students experiencing hunger.

You can help too, and we make it super easy. Whether you’re shopping this, next or every week—pick up a few extra items to drop off at church. You can also pack meal kits at home.

EACH CAMPUS HAS A HAND2HAND DONATION BOX where you, your family or your small group can drop off specific items to fill backpacks—and hungry tummies—of kids near you.

Click HAND2HAND LIST below to save to your mobile to have with you whenever you shop!

OR Click HAND2HAND MEAL KIT below to sign up to create meal kits at your convenience!

Serve Kids Hope

Serve students in our schools as a Kids Hope Mentor. No experience needed—just bring you and your heart to meet with the same student for one hour each week during school hours.

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