October 28/29 The Credits
October 28/29 The Credits

October 28/29 The Credits



Membership classes are happening! MEMBERSHIP is more than calling Ada Bible Church your home. Being a member lets us formally align with what our church believes and how we strive to carry out God’s mission. Learn more and sign up for a class at adabible.org/membership.


This September, we are focusing on the value of sharing our SERVING. We are called to invest in others—that’s why we talk about it a lot at Ada Bible. We encourage you to think through your circles. Who could you encourage to use their gift to bless others? Curious about where to use your gifts to serve? Find a place to jump in and try at adabible.org/info/serving-needs.


Did you know that Ada Bible Church offers a Leadership Development Program? Leadership requires many more skills today than just a few years ago. To give you these skills, we’ve formed the Leadership Development Program. This program is offered in conjunction with Grand Rapids Theological Seminary. CLICK HERE for more information. If you have any questions, email us at ldp@adabible.org. We hope to see you this year in the LDP.


Welcome to the fourth week of our series called REBUILDThis week, we discover the meaning and significance found in a rebuild.

What is something you are looking forward to in this next month?



Have a few people in your group take turns reading the verses in Nehemiah 3 out loud

What are some details about the people and their assigned parts of the wall?

What does the effort invested in rebuilding the wall reveal about the purpose & significance of the project?

Why do you think Nehemiah 3 outlines such a high level of detail, including names, towns and roles?



This week, Pastor Aaron Buer talked about how the rebuilding process can ultimately lead to a life of tremendous significance. As a group, what were the main points from the sermon?

Which part of the sermon encouraged or challenged you the most, and why?

Where do people look to gain significance, value or meaning in life?

What have you considered significant or meaningful in your life, and how do those things align with what God says is significant?

When have you participated in (re)building something that wasn’t directly for your benefit but helped others, and what was the result

Why can it be easy to miss the significance of the situations right in front of us that God is inviting us to participate in?

How have you seen God use you right where you are, even if it’s not somewhere you expected?

What skills or gifts has God given you this season that he may want to use in the church?

What next step can you take to get more involved in serving within the church community, and how can our group encourage each other in those steps?

Is there anything else from this sermon you wanted to talk about?



Today, we talked about how a life of significance includes helping others rebuild when it may not directly benefit us, seeing the opportunities right in front of us, and serving together in the church community. Which of these do you most need to focus on going forward?

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