Mar 12/13 By What Authority?
Mar 12/13 By What Authority?

Mar 11/12 By What Authority?

Mar 12/13 By What Authority?



It’s so great to see many people back at church, and that means we have lots of spots for you to get involved and serve each other. Find an option right for you at under Serve.


This month we focus on Group Growth. As people visit Ada Bible for the first time or return to church for the first time in a long time, it is an excellent time to consider who might need what our group has. Have a conversation with your group about whether people you know could use an invite to your group.


Huddle Recap just dropped! We had some great discussions during our Huddles. We talked spiritual growth—identifying it, celebrating it and planning for it. Leaders shared some fantastic insight that we think will help make us all better leaders. Check out the recap at


Welcome to the third week of our spring sermon series, THE FINAL WEEK. This week’s conversation is about authority and whether we give it to Jesus or not.

What’s your favorite thing about the month of March?

Read Mark 11:27-12:12 aloud. What are some things that surprise you or stand out about this story?



What question do the religious authorities ask Jesus?

Why do you think they ask him this question?

The fear of the religious leaders keeps them from really listening to Jesus. How can our fear keep us from listening to Jesus?

Discuss this statement: Faith looks like trusting God in the fear.



How do you think the religious leaders would’ve felt as they heard Jesus tell this story?

Reread the story and look at all the owner’s work for the renters. How has God done similar things for us?

Wanting control can keep us from listening to Jesus. Why do you think it is so hard for us to give up control?

It can be easy to try to own our life and rent parts of it back to Jesus. Where in your life do you need to remind yourself that it is HIS and not mine?



The owners disrespect the son and kill him. Take a moment as a group to thank Jesus for coming to earth even though he knew he would suffer and die.

The religious authorities aren’t the only ones who didn’t respect the son. How do we disrespect Jesus today?

What’s the significance of a cornerstone in an ancient building?

Respect is making Jesus the cornerstone of your life—to build everything in your life on and around Jesus. Think through the different areas of your life such as your family, your friends, your career. What are some tangible things you can do to make Jesus the cornerstone of your life?



Today we discussed whether we view Jesus as an authority or not. What part of the discussion do you think applied the most to your life? How will it change the way you live?