June 25/26 Do You Believe This?
June 25/26 Do You Believe This?

June 25/26 Do You Believe This?

June 25/26 Do You Believe This?



Say Yes to Serve. We have a lot of open spots this summer on our various serving teams and in our community. Whether you can help out in Discovery Village (children’s ministry), welcome people at the door (hospitality) or find a place to serve in Grand Rapids—summer is a great time to try out serving. Have a conversation with your group about serving this summer. Visit adabible.info>serve to see needs.


This month we look at the group value of Stories. Our stories shed light on God’s story. For those of us who’ve chosen to follow Jesus, he’s rescued us and is transforming us to be more like him. Share with your group someone who was pivotal in helping you follow Jesus.


Summer is a change of pace for many of us. Take advantage of this and check out some of our leader training resources at learning.adabible.org/small-groups.


This is Week 4 of our new series, 10 QUESTIONS JESUS ASKED. This week we look at the incredible story of Jesus resurrecting Lazarus and the questions throughout that story.

What is one of your favorite traditions to celebrate July 4th?

As a group, take turns to read through John 11. What was something new you heard or that stood out to you?



At this point in John’s gospel, religious leaders want to kill Jesus. Jesus is risking his life when he returns to this area near Jerusalem because Lazarus is sick. How do the location and the previous events help us understand the complexities of this story?

On top of all the other things Jesus did, what might have made this particular miracle so problematic for the Pharisees?

What might all this tell us about Jesus’s relationship with this family?

Look back at John 11:25-27. What does Jesus say about himself, and what do you think it means?



This is a story of suffocating loss, which many of us have lived through. Pastor Jeff Manion reminded us that grief doesn’t need to be minimized but empathized. How did Jesus acknowledge both his own pain and the pain of these women?

Martha and Mary both say the same thing when Jesus arrives on the scene, but he responds to them differently. Look at John 11 again. How does Jesus respond to each of them?

Why do you think Jesus had a different response for each of them?

What are some helpful ways you’ve seen someone enter into a time of grief with someone else?

Do you think you default to truth or tears when someone is grieving? Why?



Jesus was willing to risk his life to raise Lazarus from the dead—and the miracle proves to be a turning point leading to Jesus’s death on the cross. When we think of our own lives, how did Jesus give his life for ours?

Jesus asks Martha, “Do you believe this?”—a foundational question of Christianity. What answer would you give if Jesus asked you what you really believed about him?



Today we talked about a question Jesus asked before raising Lazarus from death. What part of our conversation has been most impactful to you? Is there anything you need to do this week as a result?