Feb 5/6 You Know How I Lived
Feb 5/6 You Know How I Lived

Feb 5/6 You Know How I Lived

Feb 5/6 You Know How I Lived



Jesus set an example for us of what a life of service looks like. You can serve others both at Ada Bible Church and in the community. Find a place to serve at Ada Bible at adabible.info under Serve. Find an updated list of community volunteer spots at adabible.org/bethechurch.


This month we focus on Care. The last two years have taxed us in many ways. Discuss how your group can stay informed about what’s going on in each other’s lives and support each other outside of your time together as a group. Come up with some practical ways to care for each other.


The Winter Leader Huddle is coming up soon. Join us for a Leader Huddle February 20 or 27. We’re discussing the thing we all want to happen in our small group: Spiritual Growth! Register at adabible.org/leaderhuddle.


Welcome to the first week of INFLUENCE. Today’s discussion is about how to have a positive spiritual influence on those around us.

Who are some people who have influenced you over the years, whether through radio, television, books or social media?

Have someone read Acts 20:17-21 and 33-35 aloud. What stands out in Paul’s speech?



Paul says “you know” or “you yourselves know” three times. What three actions is he talking about?

Paul lived out his faith in front of the Ephesians. How is living out our faith a way to have spiritual influence?

Who would you like to have a positive spiritual influence on?

What are some ways you’ve seen people around you live out their faith?



What do you think Paul means when he says he served with great humility?

Paul served with great humility even though he was opposed. How can we serve God with great humility even in those times when it feels like culture might be pushing against our faith?

Paul probably had the right to be treated as a celebrity speaker but instead chose to work. Paul didn’t make everything about him but instead served others. What’s the difference between focusing on our rights or serving others?

There is a way of living out our faith in front of others that is inviting, and there is a way of living out our faith that can repel. How does an attitude, tone and posture of humility help invite others to faith?

When do you struggle to have a humble attitude, tone and posture of humility with those around you?



Have someone read Acts 20:21 aloud. What does Paul say people must do? What does that mean?

How confident are you that you could share the gospel if given the opportunity?

What could our small group do to help each other gain more confidence in telling others about Jesus?



Today we discussed the significance of our actions, attitude and words in having spiritual influence. What’s something you want to do differently to spiritually influence someone around you?