August 7/8 Two Trees
August 7/8 Two Trees

Aug 7/8 Two Trees

August 7/8 Two Trees



Fall is a great time to begin thinking about how you or your group can serve others. There are many needs around Ada Bible and our greater community right now. Check out under the tab Serve to find a place to serve.


This month we are focused on formative conversations. We want small groups to balance sharing life with intentional time to discuss biblical truth. As we gear up for fall, discuss with your group about committing to formative conversations in your time together and discuss how this might shape the conversations and time spent in your circle.


Your staff contact is available to encourage and help equip you as you lead. They would love to meet with you one-on-one to discuss how you and those in your circle are doing and where you need support or resources. Reach out to them this week to set up a time to meet.


This is the second week of our current series, Two Ways. Pastor Jeff Manion talks this week about what it looks like to live in a way that produces good fruit.

Have you ever done any fruit picking? What is your favorite summer fruit?

Have someone read Matthew 7:15-23 aloud. Jesus uses a lot of metaphors in this passage. Which do you relate to the most?



The Jewish community was made of Pharisees, Herodians, Essenes, Zealots and Sadducees. All these groups used the Bible and claimed to speak for God but held differing views. How can we often be like these groups today

There may be times we follow someone’s teachings, and it turns out that they were more like a “wolf.” What are some ways we can learn and grow from that kind of experience?



Jesus teaches there is a way of living that grows obvious “fruit.” Have someone read Galatians 5:22-23 aloud. Which of these fruits are easiest for you to develop, and which are more of a challenge?

Pastor Jeff Manion says that he thinks sacrificial acts for others in word, deed and tone are the main things you look for as fruit in others. What can happen when we do the work and ministry of Jesus without doing it in the way or manner of Jesus?



A genuine Jesus-follower must be a person of two hills. Sometimes it is easier to follow Jesus as just teacher or just Savior . How do we bring both into balance in our lives?

What we have learned in our summer sermon series can help us follow Christ well and also help us discern other voices we listen to. Take a few minutes to talk about what influences speak into our lives through the course of a day and how we can wisely determine if we need to eliminate any or find new ones.



This week we discussed paying attention to the “fruit” we are growing as we follow what Jesus taught on the hill. What part of the conversation struck you as most important, and what is one way you will live into that this week?

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