Six Word Christmas Story

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Six Word Christmas Story


There is a legend about Ernest Hemingway and the six-word story.  As the legend goes, Hemingway was having lunch with several authors he was friends with.  He bet them $10 that he could write a novel in six words.  They took the bet.  Here’s what he wrote on a napkin:  “For Sale. Baby Shoes.  Never Worn.”  Hemingway’s friends paid up.  What a heartbreaking story captured in only six words.

What a sad story!  This is supposed to be a Christmas sermon!  Christmas is happy!  What if I told you there was a six-word story buried within the Christmas narrative with every bit as much drama as Hemingway’s?  Here it is: “…she was found to be pregnant…”

This sermon is built around the tension of Mary’s unexpected pregnancy.  To experience the drama of this story, we’re going to travel to three different scenes and discover how Joseph responded to Mary, how Joseph responded to God and why God chose Mary in the first place.

Matthew 1:18-25




Aaron Buer


Matthew 1:18-25