Two Paths

  • Two Paths

    Pastor Jeff Manion concludes our time in the Sermon on the Mount in this series Two Ways. In this message Pastor Jeff Manion reminds us “the blessing is in the doing.” We are challenged to consider what we will do with all Jesus taught in his message on the hill. Matthew 7:13-14

  • Two Trees

    In this message, Pastor Jeff Manion challenges us to evaluate the voices we listen to in our lives. We are encouraged to consider if their voices match Jesus’s teaching in the sermon on the Mount and if they display the fruits of humility, reconciliation and love. Matthew 7:15-23

  • Two Foundations

    Pastor Jeff Manion talks about Jesus’s description of a life with a strong foundation. Through this conversation, we see that those who put into practice the teachings of Jesus can withstand the storms of life. We are challenged to not just listen to Jesus’s instructions, but live our life by them. Matthew 7:24-27