Thriving in Seasons of Uncertainty

  • Thriving in Seasons of Uncertainty

    Senior Pastor Jeff Manion encourages us to have a proper perspective during an incredibly challenging season. Through this conversation, we are reminded to view our present situation as light, common and temporary. A proper focus helps us not to lose heart and we can maintain a proper focus through gratitude and thinking of others. 2 […]

  • Goodness in a Season of Loss

    Senior Pastor Jeff Manion walks us through the story of Naomi and Ruth. Through this story, we see that God is pleased to work in times of trouble. God meets Naomi in her distress through the goodness and kindness of others when she was emptied out. Ruth and Boaz’s actions challenge us to walk side-by-side […]

  • Trust in the Desert

    Senior Pastor Jeff Manion discusses Israel’s manna revolt. Through this conversation, we see that the desert is fertile ground for complaint, meltdown, provision and growth. We are challenged to grow our trust in God while we are in the land between. Numbers 11:4-17