All People

  • All People

    Teaching Pastor Aaron Buer talks about the spread of the early church. Through this conversation, we see that God’s heart is for everybody and anybody. We are challenged to have a heart that matches God’s heart for everybody and anybody. Acts 8:1b-5

  • The 30 Mile Journey

    Senior Pastor Jeff Manion discusses the story of Peter and Cornelius. Through this conversation, we see how God stretches the hearts of the early church to match his heart for all people. We are challenged to allow God to stretch us by following him one-step at a time. Acts 10:1-16

  • Decisions in Disruption

    Teaching Pastor Aaron Buer discusses the multicultural church in Antioch. Through this conversation, we see there are four significant choices that contributed to their healthy growth in the midst of disruption. We are challenged to choose God’s mission, to spiritually invest, to include and to let go. Acts 11:19-30