Dinner with Jesus


Dinner with Jesus

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About This Series

In Dinner with Jesus, Pastors Jeff Manion and Aaron Buer help us see Jesus’ heart to those around him. The series look at Jesus’ ministry through his interactions during meals. We see we can use meals, like Jesus did, to minister to those around us. Meals welcome others into our lives and help others feel invited and included.

Week 1 Verses: Luke 5:27-32

Week 2 Verses: Luke 7:36-50

Week 3 Verses: Luke 14:1-24

Week 4 Verses: Mark 1:37-39

Week 5 Verses: Luke 9:10-17

Week 6 Verses: Luke 10:38-42

Week 7 Verses: Luke 11:37-44

Week 8 Verses: John 21:1-17


2019-06-16 to 2019-07-28


Jeff Manion, Aaron Buer, Kevin Harney


Faith, Leadership


Luke 5:27-32, Luke 5:27-32, Luke 14:1-24, Mark 1:37-39, Luke 9:10-17, Luke 10:38-42