Correcting Spiritual Drift


Correcting Spiritual Drift

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About This Series

In Correcting Spiritual Drift, Pastors Jeff Manion and Aaron Buer explore stories from the lives of the Old Testament prophets Elijah and Elisha. This series helps us see the pull toward spiritual drift and motivates us to fight against it. Through the stories, we see God continuing to work and call all people to him even as the people of Israel drift spiritually.

Week 1 Verses: 1 KINGS 16:29–33, 17:1

Week 2 Verses: I KINGS 18:30–39

Week 3 Verses: I KINGS 18:30–39

Week 4 Verses: I KINGS 19:1–6

Week 5 Verses: I KINGS 19:19–21

Week 6 Verses: 2 KINGS 6:8-21

Week 7 Verses: 2 KINGS 4:8–17

Week 8 Verses: 2 KINGS 5:1-10



02.23.19 - 04.14.19


Jeff Manion


Elijah, Elisha, Enduring Hardship, Faith


1 Kings