10 Questions Jesus Asked


10 Questions Jesus Asked

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About This Series

People were always asking Jesus questions. But he asked some too. 10 QUESTIONS JESUS ASKED delves into some of these questions. Through this series, we see that the questions Jesus asks reveals something about who he is and who we are. We are challenged to love, trust and follow Jesus through these conversations. Join Pastors Jeff Manion, Aaron Buer and Brad Holmes as they walk us through 10 QUESTIONS JESUS ASKED.


Week 1 Verses: John 1

Week 2 Verses: John 5

Week 3 Verses: John 9

Week 4 Verses: John 11

Week 5 Verses: John 21

Week 6 Verses: Matthew 6

Week 7 Verses: John 6

Week 8 Verses: Mark 4

Week 9 Verses: Luke 18

Week 10 Verses: Luke 24


2022.06.04 - 2022.08.07


Jeff Manion, Aaron Buer and Brad Holmes


Matthew, Mark, Luke and John