September 9/10 Elijah
September 9/10 Elijah

September 9/10

September 9/10 Elijah



Calling all men to join us for MAN NIGHT! We’ve crafted a space for you to grow your relationship with God as you gather with other men to discuss God’s truths. Eat great food, hang out with other guys, and explore how community helps us take our next step with God. Man Night is September 12 at all campuses. Details and registration at


This September, we are focusing on the value of sharing our spiritual STORIES. We believe there is value in talking about the events and happenings that shape us into the people we are. Take an opportunity this month in your small group to talk about some of the key events that have made you into the person you are.


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Welcome to the second week in our sermon series, BREAKING POINT. This week, we discuss the story of Elijah’s breaking point found in 1 Kings 19.

What has been one of your most memorable meals?



Have someone read 1 Kings 19:1-19 aloud.

Who was Elijah, and what has happened leading up to this point? (See 1 Kings 18 for context.)

Why was Elijah so discouraged, even to the point of praying, “Take my life; I am no better than my ancestors” (1 Kings 19:5)?

What does God’s response to Elijah in this story reveal about the heart of God?



Pastor Aaron Buer continued our series BREAKING POINT by looking at the story of Elijah. As a group, name his main points.

Which one of the points stood out to you the most, and why?

Elijah was at a point of deep despair. What are some reasons for people’s despair in the world today?

What are some of the ways we might respond to our “mountain top” experiences?

Have you ever been in a season of disappointment or despair before? Share details as you are comfortable.

If you have experienced deep disappointment or despair before, what helped you through it?

Elijah turned to God in his breaking point. What could this look like in your own life?

After God meets Elijah, God gives him his next moves. What step forward in obedience is God calling you into for this season? Share with your group and commit to encouraging and praying for each other about this in the coming weeks.

Is there anything else from the sermon you wanted to talk about?



Today, we talked about navigating breaking points by looking at the story of Elijah. What is your biggest takeaway from our discussion today?

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