September 2/3 Moses
September 2/3 Moses

September 2/3 Moses

September 2/3 Moses



Calling all men to join us for MAN NIGHT KICKOFF! We’ve crafted a space for you to grow your relationship with God as you gather with other men to discuss God’s truths. Eat great food, hang out with other guys and explore how community helps us take our next step with God. Man Night Kickoff is Sept 12 at all campuses. Details and register at


We’re focusing on the value of an invitation. As we move toward launching groups at the end of this month, we expect to welcome many people into brand-new groups. Talk about who you may know to INVITE into your existing group and welcome as a new member.


There are many TOOLS TO HELP YOU LEAD WELL! Check out for topics to further your growth as a leader. Our staff is here for you and would love to connect on conversations, ideas, and ways to support you.


Welcome to the first week in our sermon series, BREAKING POINT. As we begin this series with Moses, we look at how to prepare for a breaking point.

What is something you’re looking forward to in this next month?



Have someone read Exodus 5:1-23 out loud.

What did Moses and Aaron request of Pharaoh, and why was this significant?

What were the Israelites’ attitudes towards Moses and Aaron?

How do you think Moses felt in Exodus 5:22?



Pastor Aaron talked about what it looks like to prepare for and endure well during a breaking point. As a group, name the main points shared in the sermon.

Which part of the sermon most challenged or encouraged you, and why?

What are some common responses people have when hitting a breaking point?

How can we avoid the expectation that we will be #blessed if we do what God asks us to do?

Has there been a time you have found yourself disappointed in God, and if so, why?

In this story, Moses doesn’t complain to others, pretend he is okay or quit. Which one of these responses is most easy for you to fall into?

How could you begin to practice lament and bring your grief and disappointment to God?

One way to endure a breaking point is to remember God’s bigger story by consistently being in his Word. Discuss ways your group can encourage and hold each other accountable to be in the Word and grow in this practice together this fall.

Is there anything else from this sermon you wanted to talk about?



Today, we looked at how Moses responded to a breaking point. What is something you want to put into practice moving forward to prepare for your next breaking point?

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