September 19/20 Great Expectations
September 19/20 Great Expectations

Sept 19/20 Great Expectations

September 19/20 Great Expectations



We’re so excited about our new fall series on Mark called The Company of Christ. Engage in an impactful way with our journal + more in our Fall Resource Kit. Confirm that everyone in your group has a journal and if they don’t, encourage them to order one today at


With the kickoff of the fall series, we are highlighting Spiritual Practices. The fall series offers you, as a leader, a great opportunity to participate in spiritual practices like Bible reading and journaling, but also champion and model those in your group.


Join other small group leaders from your campus October 11 or 14 for an online Small Group Leader Huddle. We will be discussing how to navigate conversational landmines. Register here.


Welcome to the first week of our fall series, The Company of Christ. This week’s conversation looks at three characters revealed in the first twenty verses of the Gospel of Mark.

What does life look like for you right now?

Pastor Jeff told us Mark wrote his account of Jesus’ life to help early Jesus communities have proper expectations. “Who is Jesus, and what does it mean to follow him?” are two of the key questions Mark answers in his gospel. What interests you most about exploring those two questions during this series?

Open your journals to page 11. Have someone in your group read Mark 1:1-20 aloud. What stands out to you as you read it now or from when you marked up the text this week?



John the Baptist comes preaching a baptism of repentance. Repentance isn’t a one-time event. The Christian life is a series of repentances. Repentance is turning away from something and toward another. It’s a change in direction. What is something you feel like God is asking you to turn away from?



As Jesus comes out of the waters of baptism, he hears God the Father tell him he is loved. Then he is sent immediately after into the wilderness, a place of struggle. What three expressions did Pastor Jeff tell us to repeat in times of struggle, and why do you think they are helpful?



Pastor Jeff said that we follow Jesus to get where he is going, not where we are going. How can we regularly remind ourselves of this?

If you’re going to follow, you have to trust your guide. What area of your life do you feel God is asking you to trust him more in?



This week’s discussion looked at three characters from the first twenty verses of Mark. Have your group open their journal to page 14. Does anyone have anything written at the top they’d still like to discuss?

What’s one step you want to take this week based on the conversation today. Write that at the bottom of page 14.

Download a printable PDF.