September 18/19 While You Were Away
September 18/19 While You Were Away

Sept 18/19 While You Were Away

September 18/19 While You Were Away



This past weekend we were challenged to get the most out of the fall series, Jesus & The City, by listening, discussing and journaling. Have a conversation with your group about how you can help each other commit to those three things.


This month we are focused on the group value of invite. A new sermon series like Jesus & The City can be a great time to invite someone to join you at church. As a group, pray about the people God puts on your heart to invite.


Save the date! The first small group leader huddle is November 7. This is an excellent opportunity to get better as leaders together. You’ll get the specifics for the small group leader huddle at your campus as it gets closer.


This week we continue our fall sermon series, Jesus & The City. Our discussion is about what is God’s work, and how our job is to be faithful.

Which one would you pick and why—Cider or Pumpkin Spice Latte?

Have someone read Acts 18:24-28 aloud (found on page 15 of the Jesus & The City journal). How would you retell this story in your own words?



Apollos shows up in Ephesus and starts to teach about Jesus. What do we know about Apollos?

Luke describes Apollos as speaking with great fervor. It’s like he was gifted just for this type of work. Who have you met that seems to be able to talk about Jesus that way?

It can be easy to think we need to all be like Apollos. However, we are not all gifted in the same way. What’s the difference between acknowledging we may not all be gifted like Apollos but also recognizing that we can still talk about Jesus to others?

Pastor Jeff Manion said that you don’t need extraordinary gifting to lead an extraordinary life. You need extraordinary faithfulness to lead an extraordinary life. What encourages you about these statements?



Paul leaves Priscilla and Aquila behind in Ephesus to prepare the work. Have someone read Acts 18:2-3 aloud. What do we learn about Paul’s relationship with them and how they would’ve known the Jesus-message?

Priscilla and Aquila hear Apollos speaking and invite him to their house. What do you think might be some of the things they explained to Apollos?

We find Priscilla and Aquila mentioned in numerous places in the New Testament. They regularly opened their home as a basecamp for spiritual movement. How do their lives serve as an example of the power of faithfulness?

Think through the Christians you respect and admire. How have you seen a commitment to steady faithfulness in their lives?

Doing the small things faithfully is the big thing. Following Jesus is more about the small things we do over and over than about big moments, just like we see in the lives of Priscilla and Aquila. What are some of the small things we do over and over that help us follow Jesus?

How is being faithful to our small group a vital part of following Jesus?



After Apollos learns from Priscilla and Aquila, he goes to Corinth and works with the Jesus-community Paul started there. Apparently, people began taking sides, saying they followed Paul or they followed Apollos. What does Paul say about this in 1 Corinthians 3:5-9?

Paul uses field imagery to describe the work in Corinth. How can Paul’s description apply to serving God today?

What are some ways we can cooperate with the people around us to show God’s love to the world?



This week we discussed how our job is steady faithfulness in the small things, and that God works through that faithfulness. Take a moment and write down a key takeaway in your journal on page 17. What did you write down?


Download a printable PDF.