September 11/12 The Ripple Effect
September 11/12 The Ripple Effect

Sept 11/12 The Ripple Effect

September 11/12 The Ripple Effect



Our fall series, Jesus & The City, kicked off this week. Discuss what it means as a group to get the most out of the series by making it a priority to listen to the sermons, spend time in the journal and discuss it as a group.


This month we are focused on the group value of invite. Fall is a great time to reconnect with weekend services and gather with a group. Be praying about who God might have you invite to join you for Jesus & The City. Pray together that God will provide opportunities for you to reach out and invite someone new.


Fall is a great time to have a 1-on-1 with your small group staff contact. Reach out to them today to check in and hear what’s coming up for this season. They’d love to hear what you are excited about and talk about any challenges you see coming.


This week we kick off our fall sermon series, Jesus & The City. Our discussion is about the opportunities, delays and detours we experience in our lives and how to navigate them well.

What are you most looking forward to this fall?

Have someone read Acts 16:6-8 and Acts 18:18-23 aloud (found on page 9 of the Jesus & The City journal). What stands out to you about this passage?



Paul sees an incredible opportunity for the good news of Jesus in Ephesus. Sometimes we may sense God is presenting us a unique opportunity to share his love. Where have you seen someone recognize opportunities to share God’s love well?

Paul’s eventual work in Ephesus will ripple across the region, the globe and throughout generations. Whose life has had a ripple effect on your faith?

There are often opportunities around us that we aren’t even looking for. What are some opportunities to seize in your life so God can move in, beyond and through you?

When you think about how your life might impact your community or future generations, what do you hope will be your ripple effect?



Paul desired to go into the Roman province of Asia, where Ephesus was the major city. We aren’t sure exactly how, but God’s Spirit prevented him from going. It’s a delay to his plans. What feelings often accompany significant delays?

Delays are a reality of life, and we may never know the reason why they happen. What are some delays you have experienced recently or are experiencing right now?




Paul sought fresh guidance from God and detoured away from Ephesus where significant ministry work happened. How can your group help each other seek God’s guidance during a current detour?

We may think that life will begin after something we are waiting for happens. What are some ways you can not let your detours be wasted?




Pastor Jeff Manion said we never harvest in the same season we plow. What do you think this means?

How have you seen that statement play out in your life?

Have someone read James 4:13-15 aloud. How would having an “If the Lord wills” mindset change the way you view your life?

What area of your life do you struggle to live in the spirit of “If the Lord wills…”?



This week we discussed seizing opportunities, navigating delays, not wasting detours and making preparations while holding plans loosely. Of those four, which do you most need to focus on during this season?

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