Sept 30/Oct 1 Beyond the Breaking Point
Sept 30/Oct 1 Beyond the Breaking Point

Sept 30/Oct 1 Beyond the Breaking Point

Sept 30/Oct 1 Beyond the Breaking Point



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This September, we are focusing on the value of sharing our SPIRITUAL STORIES. We believe in the value of talking about the events and happenings that shape us into the people we are. Take an opportunity this month in your small group to talk about some of the key events that have made you into the person you are.


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Welcome to the final week in our series, BREAKING POINT. This week, we consider the story of Hannah in 1 Samuel 1.

What is something that made you laugh in the last week?



Have someone read 1 Samuel 1:3-27 aloud.

What hardships did Hannah face in this passage?

What words describe Hannah’s physical, emotional and spiritual state in this passage?

How do you think Hannah’s story points to Jesus?



Pastor Jeff concluded our series BREAKING POINT by looking at the story of Hannah found in 1 Samuel. As a group, name his main points.

Which part of the sermon most encouraged or challenged you, and why?

God is the one able to bring something extraordinarily good out of a situation that is extraordinarily bad. Where do we see this in Hannah’s story?

We learn that Hannah was “pouring out [her] soul to the LORD” (1 Samuel 1:15). What prevents people today from pouring out to God this way?

Has there been a time you poured out your soul to the Lord? If you are comfortable sharing, what did that look like?

Hannah sees God’s generosity to her and gives back to him in a tangible way. Where have you seen God’s generosity in your life

Discuss some ways you can tangibly give back to the Lord out of gratitude to him.

Is there anything else about the sermon you wanted to talk about?



Today, we talked about navigating breaking points by looking at the story of Hannah in 1 Samuel 1. Based on our discussion, what is one thing God is prompting you to do this week?

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