September 26/27 The Preview
September 26/27 The Preview

Sept 26/27 The Preview

September 26/27 The Preview



We’re so excited about our new fall series on Mark called The Company of Christ. Engage in an impactful way with our journal + more in our Fall Resource Kit. Confirm that everyone in your group has a journal and if they don’t, encourage them to order one today at


With the kickoff of the fall series and the journal, we are highlighting Spiritual Practices. The fall series offers you an excellent opportunity to participate in spiritual practices like Bible reading and journaling—and champion and model those in your group. Think creatively about how you can encourage the use of the journal by the people in your group.


Join other small group leaders from your campus October 11 or 14 for an online Small Group Leader Huddle. We will be discussing how to navigate conversational landmines. Register here.


Welcome to the second week of our fall series, The Company of Christ. This week’s discussion focuses on how we are part of a preview of the Kingdom of God here and in the future!

What is one of your favorite movies you could watch over and over?

Open your journals to page 17. Have someone in your group read Mark 1:21-45 aloud. What are some reactions or emotions you see in this passage? What can you star in your journal while in The Circle?



The people are amazed at Jesus’ teaching and healing because he did it with authority. What do you think it means that Jesus taught or acted with authority, and what does that show us about Jesus?

Jesus expelled spiritual darkness and said he was “the light of the world” in John 8:12. What are some ways we can push darkness out from the world around us so that we are a preview of God’s Kingdom?



Pastor Jeff said that Peter’s mother-in-law was “healed to serve” as she got up and acted in the most practical way that she knew how.  How can we apply the “healed to serve” mentality in our lives?   



Leprosy wasn’t just a medical issue but a relational one. We live in a world with different ways of relational disconnection. How can we foster relational connection in our disconnected world?

Followers of Jesus have been forgiven by God, so we should be people who forgive and work to reconcile relationships. It’s forgiveness in—forgiveness out. How does reminding ourselves we’ve been forgiven by God help us forgive others?



Our discussion looked at three previews of the Kingdom of God. Have your group open their journal to page 20. Does anyone have anything written at the top they’d still like to discuss?

What episode was most impactful to you, and what’s one practical step you want to take in that area? Share it with the group and then write it at the bottom of page 20.

Download a printable PDF.