Sept 21/22 Kingdoms in Conflict

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Sept 21/22 Kingdoms in Conflict

Sept 21/22 Kingdoms in Conflict



This weekend, we asked for people to serve in our children’s ministry, Discovery Village. Consider talking to your group about whether they have any experience serving in Discovery Village and, if they do, what it has been like. Maybe discuss serving together as a group. If you’re interested in pursuing this, text “serve children” to 616-421-4221 or signup online.


A safe environment is an essential element of every small group. Part of this is making sure everyone has a voice and opportunity to share.


Leadership Focus is October 12! Pastor Jeff Manion will be sharing vision and direction to encourage and inspire us all in our leadership roles. For more information or to register, visit


Welcome to the third week of our fall series, Strength for the Journey. This week’s conversation centers around Paul’s experience in Thessalonica.

When you travel, do you usually choose a hotel, bed & breakfast, campground or friend’s guestroom?

Read Acts 17:1-10 aloud. What’s going on in this passage? Who are the characters?



Paul goes through Amphipolis and Apollonia before he gets to Thessalonica. How far of a journey is that? Why might he have stopped in Thessalonica?

Do you think most people are strategic in how they live, or are they primarily responding to what life throws at them? Why?

What are some things that drain away the hours and days in your life? How can you be more strategic with your time?

What’s one way you can be more strategic in your relationship with Jesus?



Where does Paul go when he arrives in Thessalonica? What does he do there?

Do you feel like most people consider Christianity a reasonable faith that can be investigated? What are some of the arguments you’ve heard for or against it?

What objections to Christianity do you find challenging?What evidences for Christianity do you personally find persuasive?



Who starts the riot? Why are they so upset?

What’s the difference between coming to God through the cross or through doing things (the law)?

Some of the Jews politicize Paul’s message. How did Caesar bring peace? What’s the peace of the Jesus-message?



What is Paul describing in 1 Thessalonians 2:1-8?

What had just happened to Paul in Philippi? What kind of physical condition do you think Paul and Silas are in when they arrive in Thessalonica?

Paul and Silas didn’t wait to heal fully before serving the Thessalonians. Do you feel like people are more likely to serve or withdraw when they are in pain?

How do people benefit from serving even when we aren’t fully healed yet? What would happen if everyone waited until they were physically, mentally and emotionally healthy before doing something for someone else?

Do you feel like there’s somewhere you need to be serving right now? What’s keeping you from doing that?



We discussed Paul’s time in Thessalonica. Which part of the conversation stood out to you the most? What’s one area that challenged you, and what are you going to do this week to grow in that area?

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