Oct 31 / Nov 1 Learning Jesus
Oct 31 / Nov 1 Learning Jesus

Oct 31 / Nov 1 Learning Jesus

Oct 31 / Nov 1 Learning Jesus



If you haven’t already, please help us stay up-to-date about your small group by filling out this brief survey.


We’ve been growing together as a church in the Spiritual Practice of Bible reading. This week is a great time to check in with your group to see how they are doing with it.


Have you checked out our new online module by Mike Foster called Rescue Academy? It’s a workshop to help equip you for one-on-one conversations. Check it out by joining the small group leaders’ online learning environment at learning.adabible.org/small-groups.


This week we continue our fall series The Company of Christ.  This conversation looks at some of the lessons the disciples went through on their “learn as I go” plan with following Jesus.

What’s one skill or aspect of a current or former job you had to learn as you went?

Open your journal to pages 51–53. Take turns reading through the passage of Mark 6:6-52.  What jumps out to you? What are some key words or ideas you might want to star?



Jesus sends the disciples out to share the good news. They are to be extensions of Jesus. We are extensions of Jesus today. How are we extensions to Jesus in our families, friend groups and jobs?

Sometimes to experience God’s provision, we have to experience a shortage. How does a shortage offer us a chance to trust God and experience his provision?



Jesus has the disciples feed the people. Jesus multiplies what they brought him. The disciples are the ones passing it out and collecting it. What does their involvement teach us about how God works in the world?

The disciples brought what they had, and that was enough for Jesus to work. How does this story encourage us when we feel exhausted or inadequate?



The disciples still don’t get it. They don’t realize who Jesus is even though he just multiplied the bread. But, Jesus doesn’t give up on them. How is it reassuring to know that Jesus won’t give up on us when we fail?

The disciples failed to see Jesus for who he was. Their hearts were hard. What are some attitudes that might cause our hearts to be hard?

As we follow Jesus, we will make mistakes. How have you experienced God being faithful to you even when you’ve failed?



This week, we discussed how following Jesus is learning as you go. Turn to page 55 in your journal.  Does anyone have anything they wrote down that they want to discuss?

What part of today’s discussion challenged you the most, and what’s one way you want to apply it to your life? Write it down at the bottom of page 55 and consider sharing this in your prayer request time.


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