October 22/23 The Furnace
October 22/23 The Furnace

Oct 22/23 The Furnace

October 22/23 The Furnace



The parent of a teen or know one? This may be one of the most anxious generations, and parenting anxiety can be difficult. Parents of teens are invited to a Parenting Anxious Teens Workshop with Jettie Velthouse, a licensed counselor and staff member of Lifeline Student Ministries, to gain some tools and encouragement to help your teen with stress and anxiety. October 30 from 2-3:30 pm. Register here.


This month we’re focusing on the value of Formative Conversations. Formative Conversations are at the heart of small groups. The mission statement of small groups is making disciples in relational environments. Discipleship is regularly tied to formative conversations.


We’ve built online leader training just for you. These online trainings cover topics like reading and understanding the Bible, how to have helpful conversations (Rescue Academy) and the gospel. Dive into one today at learning.adabible.org/small-groups.


Welcome to the third week of our new series, DANIEL: HONOR IN EXILE. This week we discuss the obedience of three men and the lessons we can learn from it.

How did your family handle Halloween growing up?

Have a couple of people take turns reading the story in Daniel 3. What are some things that stand out to you?



The writing of this story would have been repeated over and over in Jewish worship and families. What are some Bible stories that help you remember God’s faithfulness?

What emotions would Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego have experienced when they heard the king’s decree and were summoned before the king?

Sometimes we think life should be easy if we are following Jesus. What are some potential problems with thinking this way?



Pastor Jeff Manion talked about how they’d already gone through a lot in Babylon, but this wasn’t ok. It was ok, ok, ok, not ok. They’d learned a new language, learned new history and even had their names changed. How does their experience help us navigate our culture?

Nebuchadnezzar constructed an obelisk and a statue. What are some of the gods of our culture that compete for our devotion today?

What are some of the gods that compete for your attention?

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego didn’t know how it would all play out but trusted God anyway. Trust is no less important today. When have you been faced with an uncertain outcome and had to choose whether to trust God or not?



Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego are rescued from the furnace. But sometimes obedience is costly. One of the New Testament themes seems to be that following Jesus will lead to some trouble. What characters in the New Testament experienced hardship for following Jesus?

The three men were rescued in a supernatural way, but Pastor Jeff reminds us that this would still have been a powerful story even if they were not pulled out of the fire. What are some times that you have not had your situation change, but have still been able to see God at work and be present with you?

What’s something difficult you’ve experienced, and how has God used it to help you grow?

These guys weren’t alone and our small group can be a place where there is courage in numbers. What are some ways we can encourage each other to trust God to meet us “in the furnace” of difficult life experiences?



Today we talked about the obedience of three men and the lessons we can learn from it. What’s a big takeaway for you, and what difference will that make for you going forward?