October 2/3 The Synagogue
October 2/3 The Synagogue

Oct 2/3 The Synagogue

October 2/3 The Synagogue



Lifeline (our student ministry) is offering four short-term small groups for grades 9-12 as a way to meet others and dive deeper into a few topics. 6-week groups include (1) Stress 101, (2) Lifeline Sports Club, (3) Sharing My Faith or (4) Finding My Future (11/12 grade only). Read more and register at lifelinestudents.org/events/high-school-short-term-groups.


This month we are focused on the group value of service. Serving together as a small group shows God’s love in tangible ways. Plus, it often helps the group grow closer together. As a group, start talking about what you could do for a service project this fall.


Leadership Focus is just around the corner on October 9. Pastor Jeff Manion will be sharing vision and direction to encourage and inspire you as leaders. Find out more and register to let us know you are coming at adabible.org/leadershipfocus.


This week we continue our fall sermon series, Jesus & The City. Our discussion is about what leads to spiritual breakthroughs.

Choose one and explain why: Middle School or High School?

Have someone read Acts 19:8-10 aloud (find it on page 27 of the Jesus & The City journal). What stands out to you about the story?



Paul starts his ministry in Ephesus in the synagogue. What is a synagogue, and why do you think Paul started there?

According to Acts 17:1-3, Paul’s custom was to start talking about Jesus in the synagogue whenever he went into a new town. It was his plan. How does having a plan for spiritual growth help us grow?

At Ada Bible Church, our plan for spiritual growth is Row-Circle-Chair. What do we mean by that, and how would making those three environments a priority lead to spiritual growth?

What are some things your group could do to help each other grow spiritually?



Luke tells us some of the people in the synagogue became obstinate and refused to believe. What are some ways obstinance is a barrier to spiritual growth?

If someone in the group felt you were being obstinate about something, how would you want them to handle it?

Where can we find ourselves being unwilling to change or admit that we are wrong?

How can saying “yes” to God help us breakthrough obstinance?



Paul leaves the synagogue and heads to a lecture hall. Have someone read 2 Corinthians 1:8-9 aloud. What do we learn about Paul’s time in Ephesus?

Why do you think some of our greatest growth opportunities come in seasons of difficulty and pain?

When have you experienced spiritual growth in the midst of difficulty?

What happens as a result of Paul’s work according to Acts 19:10?

How is that an encouragement for us as we continue to follow Jesus?



This week we discussed some elements of growing spiritually. Open your journal to page 29. Take a moment and write down a major takeaway from today’s conversation. Share it with your group and how they can be praying for you about that idea. Write the prayer requests on the same page.


Download a printable PDF.