October 17/18 The Fruitful Life
October 17/18 The Fruitful Life

Oct 17/18 The Fruitful Life

October 17/18 The Fruitful Life



It is time for Ada Bible board nominations. Is there someone in your small group who you think would make a good elder or deacon? Do they have a serving heart and godly character? Now is the time to nominate them. Email names to nominations@adabible.org. Deadline is November 1 at 5 pm.


With divisions and disagreements all around, now is a great time to discuss the Small Group Covenant. Has your group read, discussed and agreed to a covenant before?  Whether it’s your first time or it has just been a while, take time at the beginning of one of your group sessions to care for each other by making these promises. Find the Small Group Covenant here.


Missed the Small Group Leader Huddle? Reach out to schedule a one-on-onewith your staff contact this week to hear about what we discussed and how it can make a difference in our group?


This week we continue our fall series, The Company of Christ, with a discussion about two elements for living a fruitful life in the Kingdom of God.

Did you have a garden this year, or have you ever planted and grown something? What is something you like or dislike about gardening?

Open your journals to page 37. Have a couple of people read aloud Mark 4:1-34. What is something that jumps out at you whether this is the first or fourth time you’ve read this passage? What are some things you marked or will mark in your journal?



Jesus often taught in parables, or stories with a teaching purpose. But, he also used them to see who was really interested in his teaching. What are some ways we have to work at it a bit to follow Jesus today?

Jesus describes the distractions and barriers to our fruitfulness as rocks and thorns. What are some common barriers or distractions to spiritual growth in our culture?

Preparing our hearts to listen and respond to the Word is not a one-time thing but is repetitive and requires diligent attention. What is something that you feel like you continually have to weed out? How can you take steps to be more proactive about that?



While it is essential for us to do the work to prepare and maintain the soil of our hearts, the growth in our lives isn’t something we do all on our own. How would you describe the difference between our job and God’s job in our spiritual life?

Jesus’ parable teaches us that the work we do can be turned into a massive capacity for growth. Where do you need just to keep taking regular steps in your life right now?

God is at work around us, even when we are tired or don’t feel like we can go on. We can trust him with the situation no matter what it is. How does it make you feel to know that God is still at work even when we are tired or have to draw some hard boundaries?



Our discussion looked at two key elements in living a fruitful kingdom life. Have your group open their journals to pages 39-40. Are there any notes from The Row or the top of page 40 you still want to discuss with the group?

What element from today’s discussion was most impactful to you, and what’s one small practical step you want to take in that area? Share it with the group and then write it at the bottom of page 40.

Download a printable PDF.