October 15/16 The Dream
October 15/16 The Dream

Oct 15/16 The Dream

October 15/16 The Dream



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This month we’re focusing on the value of Formative Conversations. Formative conversations require us to want to grow. Formative conversations are what make a group so powerful. Chat with your group about how to keep your group focused this fall.


Have you had a 1-on-1 with your staff contact lately? Now that your group is hopefully in a fall rhythm, it’s a great time to talk about goals, challenges and opportunities to grow. Reach out to your staff contact this week to set something up.


Welcome to the second week of our new series, DANIEL: HONOR IN EXILE.  This week we discuss Nebuchadnezzar’s dream and the interpretation of it as revealed by God through Daniel.

What have been some fun or strange dreams that you remembered the following day?

Have a couple of people take turns reading the story in Daniel 2. What are some things that stand out to you or that you find particularly interesting?



Like in other stories from the Hebrew Scriptures, God is the true hero or main character in the book of Daniel. How was God the hero in the story last week? Where do you see God as hero this week?

Even Nebuchadnezzar, the great Babylonian king over many other kings, struggled with worry, anxiety and grasping for control. What are some things that he may have stressed about?

Worry and anxiety aren’t just limited to rulers. What are some things you worry about?

God can use worry and anxiety in our lives to help us know God better and turn to God with trust. Talk about a time when you turned to God in your worries or saw someone else do so.



After interacting with the king, Daniel went right to his friends to ask for their help in praying for direction. How is enlisting your community to pray different than just praying about it yourself?

Daniel turned to God during this crisis. His life was on the line. How do you feel like you tend to respond during a crisis?

When God answered their prayer, Daniel responds with a time of praise. It included both general things and the specific provision of God in this situation. Name some things the group is thankful for generally. Then, go around again, and everyone name something you are thankful for specifically.



While it can be tempting to dissect Nebuchadnezzar’s dream and tie it to exact world events, it’s most helpful for us when we see that it communicates that the God of Israel was also the God of the future. What do we learn about God and his coming kingdom?

It is usually hardest to remember that God’s kingdom is coming in seasons of difficulty, disillusionment or tragic world events. When has the hope of a secure future helped you in a season of difficulty or disillusionment?

How can we, as a group, help each other hold on to the truth that the Kingdom of God is both here now and the hope of its fulfillment in the future?



It isn’t new to see God at work in Scripture, but it is sometimes a surprise to see God involved directly in nations outside Israel. What does Daniel say God had done for Nebuchadnezzar?

This passage teaches that the same God who did that for Nebuchadnezzar gives Daniel the wisdom for the dream. Daniel seems to recognize that everything we have is a good gift for God’s glory. How would being able to see the world this way change our outlook on life?

What is one way this week that you can bring God’s goodness into the world?



Today we talked about God’s activity in Babylon and world events. What is a way that you want to move toward God after our conversation today?