October 14/15 Time to Get Moving
October 14/15 Time to Get Moving

October 14/15 Time to Get Moving

October 14/15 Time to Get Moving



This weekend we celebrated communion together. When we participate in communion, we also have the opportunity to give specifically to our BENEVOLENCE FUND.  This fund is used to help people within our church who are experiencing financial hardship. Your extra gifts allow us to help people navigate seemingly impossible challenges. You can participate in person, online, or by text. Visit This Weekend at adabible.info for more information.


This October, we are focusing on the value of SERVING. Investing in others is something we are called to and one of our values at Ada Bible. Discuss as a group the gifts you have that can be used to bless, encourage and serve. Serving others often starts with encouragement from a trusted friend.


Did you know that Ada Bible Church offers a LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM? Leadership requires many more skills today than it did just a few years ago. To give you these skills, we’ve formed the Leadership Development Program offered in conjunction with Cornerstone Theological Seminary. The Biblical Lens class starts Thursday, October 19. For more information and to register, CLICK HERE.  If you have any questions, contact us at ldp@adabible.org. We hope to see you this year in this great program.


Welcome to the second week of our series REBUILD. This week we continue with Nehemiah’s story and what it looks like to take a step forward and get moving.

What are you grateful for this week?



Have someone read Nehemiah 2:1–10.

What is the setting and what are the roles of the key characters in his passage?

What is Nehemiah’s emotional state as he approaches King Artaxerxes?

What do you find significant about the king’s response to Nehemiah?



This week, Pastor Jeff Manion continued Nehemiah’s story by discussing how he began to move forward to rebuild. As a group, what were the main points of the sermon?

Which part of the sermon most challenged or encouraged you, and why?

We can easily get stuck in a situation and not move forward. What prevents people from taking steps forward?

We can face two struggles in moving beyond sadness: avoiding sadness or getting stuck in it. Which do you tend to struggle with more and why?

In Nehemiah 2:4, Nehemiah sends up a quick prayer to God and invites him into the situation. What are some ways we can do the same and invite God into the moment as we take steps of courage?

Nehemiah showed courage despite his fear. When have you done something difficult or fear-inducing because it was God-honoring, and what happened?

Where do you sense God prompting you to say, “Send me” this week? Share with your group and commit to praying for each other.

How could anticipating challenges, and God’s help in the challenges, change your perspective as you rebuild something God-honoring?

What rebuild in your life does God seem to be calling you to and what step do you need to take with his help?

Is there anything else from this sermon you wanted to talk about?



Today we talked about how Nehemiah took a step when he was afraid and sad and that God meets us and can be trusted to use our movement for his ultimate glory. What most encouraged you from our discussion as you head into the rest of your week?

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