October 10/11 Fans, Followers and Family

Oct 10/11 Fans, Followers & Family

October 10/11 Fans, Followers and Family



As a small group leader, or if you lead in any capacity at Ada Bible, you’re invited to Leadership Focus. Once a year, we gather our staff and volunteer leaders to receive encouragement from Pastor Jeff Manion and to celebrate what God may be pleased to do through us as a church. This is an important event for leaders and we hope you will attend in person or online! Watch a special message from Pastor Jeff and register by October 14 at adabible.org/leadershipfocus.


The fall series give us an opportunity to focus on Spiritual Practices. The journal provides space for prayer and Bible reading, two important spiritual practices. As a leader, you have the opportunity to both model these practices for your group and encourage them to participate.


Don’t miss the Small Group Leader Huddle online October 11 or 14. Let’s get better together. We will discuss how to navigate conversational landmines. Register here.


This week we continue our fall series, The Company of Christ, with a discussion focused on the different people around Jesus.

What’s one thing you remember being a fan of as a child (maybe a sports team, TV series, movie or video game)?

Open your journals to pages 31-32. Have a few people read aloud Mark 3:7-35. What characters, places, actions or keywords stand out to you?



People come from all over to see Jesus, even outside of Israel. What do they want from him?

People all over the world still turn to Jesus. What are some reasons people come to Jesus today? What are some things that initially drew you to him?



Jesus appoints twelve of his disciples to be with him and to learn from him. We don’t get the chance to follow Jesus around, but that doesn’t mean we can’t “be with” him. Pastor Aaron Buer said the reading program in the journal is all about being with Jesus. How does the reading program help you do that?

Jesus also appointed his twelve disciples so that he might send them out. Jesus sends his followers out today. Where do you think Jesus might be sending you to show his love to others?



Jesus’s family seems to think he is crazy. This story likely resonated with the Jesus-followers in Rome who had been rejected by friends or family because of their choice to follow Jesus. How have you experienced tension or rejection because of your decision to follow Jesus?

Jesus says his family is made up of those who do God’s will. That means the church-community provides a new family. How can your group be a family to each other?



Our discussion looked at the people around Jesus. Have your group open their journal to page 34. Does anyone have anything written at the top they’d still like to discuss?

What stood out to you from the conversation today and what’s one tangible step you can take this week? Write your step at the bottom of page 34 and have the rest of the group write it in the prayer request section to pray for that step this week.


Download a printable PDF.