Oct 5/6 Alone in Athens

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Oct 5/6 Alone in Athens

Oct 5/6 Alone in Athens



This weekend we talked about the Women’s Ministry Thrive Gathering coming up October 15 and 17. This is an opportunity for women at each campus to invite someone new to gather together in community at Ada Bible. Find this event and more at adabible.org/women.


One of our Pursue God values is encouraging spiritual practices. As leaders, we have a unique opportunity to talk to our group members about how they relate to God and what they do on a regular basis to grow that relationship.


Saturday, October 12 is Leadership Focus. All Ada Bible leaders are invited to hear from Pastor Jeff Manion as we move into a new ministry year serving together. Please let us know you are coming at adabible.org/leadershipfocus.


Welcome to the fifth week of our fall series, Strength for the Journey. This week’s discussion is about Paul’s powerful message to the Athenians.

What’s the coolest historical building you’ve ever seen? What made it so interesting?

Have someone from your group read Acts 17:16-34 aloud.  What are some things that you notice? What is surprising or something you haven’t seen before?



What do you think Athens was like? What would it have been like to walk through it?

How would Athens compare to walking through a big city today? What would be the same, and what might be different?

What did Pastor Aaron Buer say is an “idol”? What are some common idols in our culture today?

What’s one idol that you feel like you struggle with?



How is Paul’s emotion described in Acts 17:16? What kind of feelings does this phrase suggest?

What are some things that you see in our world that cause you to feel that way? What’s the difference with being upset about things we disagree with and being upset that people are lost?

Sometimes we are distressed over someone else’s choices or problem. Who are you praying for and caring for right now?



How does Paul respond? What are some ways that people tend to respond to people or things in culture that distress them?

How does God move toward us?

What’s the difference between moving toward someone in compassion or away from them in disgust? What are some ways to move toward people?

Who do you need to engage and move toward this week?



How does Paul relate to the people he speaks with? What might Paul have said if he was talking to people today?

What feelings bubble inside you when you think about talking to someone about Jesus? How does it help to remember God is there with you?

What are some elements of our culture we could use to talk about Jesus? How can you use your story of what God has done in your life to share about Jesus?

Consider going around the room and take one to two minutes for each person to practice how they would use their story to talk about Jesus.



This week we talked about what Paul saw, felt, did and said in Athens. Which of these did you need to hear the most today? What is one thing you intend to do this week to move toward God in that?

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