Oct 26/27 The Way of the Cross

Oct 26/27 The Way of the Cross

Oct 26/27 The Way of the Cross



Man Night is coming up on November 7. Man Night is a great opportunity for guys from your group to hang out together, enjoy food and grow in their faith. Invite a friend and sign up here.


As a group, talk about your progress as you use the spiritual practices of meditating on the habits of love each day and praying for God to grow you in those areas. How has this been going?


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Welcome to the second week of our new series, The Culture of the Cross. This week’s conversation centers around the message of “weakness” that Paul taught regarding the cross.

Do you have any fall traditions that you look forward to?  What are they?

Have someone from your group read 1 Corinthians 1:18-2:5 aloud. What is Paul’s main topic of conversation in this passage?



What was the first-century view of the cross? What emotions do you think it would stir in people just talking about it?

How is our reaction to the cross different today?

What was Paul referring to with the message of the cross? How do you think the Jesus-community would have received it at Corinth?

How could willingly entering into conflict in weakness or humility impact the conflict? How could it change your heart?

Pastor Jeff Manion gave an example of an argument between he and his wife, and how she responded to him to show how God works through weakness or humility in our own life to display his strength. Have you ever experienced a time where God showed up like this in your own life?  What happened?



How does Paul challenge the Corinthian’s focus on status?

Do you feel like our culture is more or less focused on status than Corinth?  Why? What are some markers of being a “somebody” today?

What does Paul say we should boast about?  What do you think that means? What does our status become when we put our faith in Jesus’ saving work on the cross?

Where have you seen someone who displayed their new status in the Jesus-community well?  What sets them apart to you?

What is one area of your life where you feel like you struggle with finding your status in something other than Jesus?



 How did Paul present the gospel message to the Corinthians?  Why do you think he chose this style?

What types of presentations is our culture drawn to today?

Think back to a meaningful time someone shared the gospel with you. What stood out to you about the way they presented the gospel?

How do you feel like you are doing presenting the gospel? Do your words, attitude and actions reflect humility and love?

How can you use the 9-week Habits of Love Challenge to ask God to grow you in humility and love as you present the gospel to others?

What two elements did Pastor Jeff Manion explain God uses when we ask him for wisdom in difficult situations?  How does God delight to help or meet us?


This week, we considered the message, community and presentation of the cross. Which one seemed the most challenging for you?  What is one thing you can do this week to grow deeper in this concept?

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