Oct 23/24 Opposition and Opportunity
Oct 23/24 Opposition and Opportunity

Oct 23/24 Opposition & Opportunity

Oct 23/24 Opposition and Opportunity



Man Night is November 2. Join the men from your campus for our annual chili cookoff and to hear a compelling story. Register at adabible.org/mannight.


This month we focus on the group value of service. What has worked well for your group in the past? What is something you have always wanted to do together but haven’t gotten around to? Make a plan and assign tasks to put it into practice.


Coming up in a few weeks is our Fall Small Group Leader Huddle on November 7. None of us are in this alone, and this is an excellent opportunity to connect and learn with and from other leaders at your campus. Register at adabible.org/smallgrouphuddle.


This week we conclude our fall sermon series, Jesus & The City. This discussion centers around how Paul created opportunity out of opposition.

When you visit somewhere new, what is something you try to collect as a souvenir?

Take turns reading the passage of Acts 19:23-41 aloud. What stands out to you?



The religious scene in Ephesus was different than our culture today. What kinds of things did people likely think about and expect of gods during this time period?

We may not worship statues today, but our culture is full of things competing for our worship. What are some of the counterfeit gods in our world?

How do we put some of the exact expectations on these gods that the Ephesians did?

What’s something you find yourself looking to for meaning, value, significance or security?



Think back to what Paul has gone through so far in Ephesus and his other travels. What are a few of the hard things of opposition Paul and the other Jesus-followers have gone through?

Sometimes we can feel like following Jesus means things should go well in our lives. Why do we tend to think that our lives as Christians should be easy?

What’s something that helps you lean into God when you are going through hard things?

How does reading the story of what the early church and Paul experienced help you bear some of those things?

What’s something that helps you lean into God when you are going through hard things?



God is powerfully at work in, through and around our lives. Why do you think it can be easy to focus on circumstances and miss what God is doing?

Sometimes we expect too little of God and assume God isn’t interested in our lives. How can we make intentional choices to anticipate God working in the midst of all the regular things in life?

How do you hope to leave a legacy of faith that could cause a ripple effect?



This week we discussed three reminders we should take from this story. Take a minute to open your Jesus & The City journal and look back over some of the major takeaways from this series. What’s one thing that jumps out to you, and how has it changed the way you live?