Oct 16/17 The Daily Grind
Oct 16/17 The Daily Grind

Oct 16/17 The Daily Grind

Oct 16/17 The Daily Grind



This fall, there are opportunities for connection for both men and women. Thrive Gathering is October 21. Join the women from your campus for dessert and a special message. Register here. Man Night is November 2. Join the men from your campus for our annual chili cookoff and to hear a compelling story. Register here.


This month we are focused on the group value of service. One of the best ways to serve is to find what someone in your group is passionate about and do that. Have a conversation about who will be your group’s serving champion to coordinate a serving opportunity for your group this fall.


Learn from and with other small group leaders at our Fall Small Group Leader Huddle on November 7. If you need help as a leader, come hear from other small group leaders what they are doing that is working. If your group is going well, come share with us what’s working. Either way, we need you at the huddle. Register here.


This week we continue our fall sermon series, Jesus & The City. This discussion helps us see that faithfulness isn’t about the highlight reel but the everyday things.

Choose one and explain why: Fall or Spring?



Read Acts 19:9-10 aloud. What stands out to you from these verses?

Paul’s been in the lecture hall for two years, doing the same thing. Pastor Jeff Manion said, “If everything has to be new and interesting, we might miss out on God’s plan for our life.” Why do you think that is true?

How is overcoming boredom often the key to making a difference with your life?

Sometimes small groups struggle because meeting regularly gets boring. What can your group do to commit to overcome the boredom and make your group a priority?



Read Acts 20:34 aloud. Paul is talking to the Ephesian elders about his time in Ephesus. Why do you think Paul mentions that he worked?

Do you think our culture views work, especially common activities, as valuable or a means to an end? Why?

Have someone read Colossians 3:23 aloud. How does this verse inform our view of work?

How is our attitude toward work connected to the impact Jesus can have through our lives?



Read Acts 20:20 aloud. How does this verse show Paul’s faithfulness in the small things?

What are some of the themes you think Paul repeated as he was going house to house?

What’s the connection between being faithful in the little things and being faithful in the big things?

How is God’s calling more about the boring, common and small things than the highlight reel activities?



This week we discussed three reasons we can miss God’s calling on our lives. Open your Jesus & the City journal to page 41. Take a moment to write down something you struggle to do because it is too boring, too common or too small. Share it with your group and let them know how they can be praying for you. Write the prayer requests on the same page.