November 4/5 The Challenge of Midway
November 4/5 The Challenge of Midway

November 4/5 The Challenge of Midway

November 4/5 The Challenge of Midway



GIVING TABLES started this weekend! It’s easy for you, your family or small group to serve others in our community. (1) Purchase items from the lists provided. (2) Drop off items during weekend services OR at the church office Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m.-12 p.m. Be sure to drop off everything by the November 19th services! Thank you for putting love into action! Find giving table lists at


This November, we are focusing on the value of PRAYER. One way we pursue God together is to pray for one another. Talk as a group about how you can continue or grow in the practice of praying together during your meetings and for each other throughout the week.


Have you checked out Right Now Media? We provide our leaders access to this great library of small group content. We recently published a new video series on the site called “The Gospel and Your Story.” If you need access, please reach out to your staff contact. We’d love to connect you to this great resource.


Welcome to the fifth week of our series called REBUILDThis week, we discover the challenges we can face at the midway point of a rebuild.

What is your favorite season of the year and why?



Have a few people in your group take turns reading Nehemiah 4 out loud

Which tactics do the enemies use to try to lure people away from rebuilding the wall?

What emotions do the Jews display in response to these tactics?

How does Nehemiah demonstrate dependence on God, care for his people, and determination to finish the work?



This week, Pastor Jeff Manion talked about the challenges at the midway point of a rebuild. As a group, name the main points from the sermon.

Which part of the sermon encouraged or challenged you the most, and why?

Why is continuing in godly endeavors as important as starting well?

When have you been tempted to give up on a meaningful rebuild due to criticism or discouragement? What helped you persevere

Nehemiah prayed and took practical action. How have you seen both of these be key in overcoming the challenges of a rebuild — whether yours or in the rebuild of someone you know?

Nehemiah posted guards at the most vulnerable places along the wall. Where are you most vulnerable to attack right now, and what is a step you can take for protection?

Who comes to mind as someone you are fighting for? How does thinking of that person give you the courage to keep pressing on despite challenges?

How can we support each other when tempted to abandon God-honoring pursuits in the face of opposition?

Is there anything else from this sermon you want to talk about?



Today, we talked about the challenges to keep going when we hit the midpoint of a rebuild. What is one thing you need to remember from our discussion this week?

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