November 26/27 The Passover Feast
November 26/27 The Passover Feast

Nov 26/27 Passover Feast

November 26/27 The Passover Feast



Families with children preschool to grades 5—join us for Discovery Village’s Jingle Jam! Kick off your Christmas season with a night of singing, hearing the Christmas story, snacks, ornament making and cookie decorating! Jingle Jam is at all campuses Friday, December 2, at 6:30 pm. Sign up today at


This month we’re focusing on the value of Group Growth. It’s time to consider who needs what our group has as people visit Ada Bible through the holiday season or return to church for the first time in a long time. Have a conversation with your group about who you know who might want to invite to join your group.


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Welcome to the second week of our series, INVITATION TO THE FEASTThis week, we will discuss Passover and how Jesus brought new meaning to this important feast.

When do you decorate for Christmas?

Have someone read Deuteronomy 16:1-3 out loud. What stands out to you about these instructions?



The story of Jesus getting lost during his family’s time in Jerusalem is about a community of family and neighbors. In what ways did they live more communally than we usually do today?

Our culture tends to be more individualist and disconnected than communal. In what ways might we prefer being more individualistic? How could this be positive or negative?

As a small group, we are a community. How can we intentionally regroup and think with an “us” perspective rather than just “me”?

Who can we be looking to invite into our community? Or, how can we, as a community, look out for someone who needs what we have?



Passover was an annual spring festival important to Israel for many reasons. What are some reasons we often love the return of spring?

There is an element of this feast that points toward spiritual newness as well as newness in nature. When was a time that you were just beginning to grow in your faith, or grow again after what felt like a spiritual winter?

Spiritual growth is a part of following Jesus. Where are you experiencing spiritual growth lately?



Pastor Jeff Manion reminded us of several specific things people did to celebrate Passover. List some of the traditional foods, practices and stories for this festival and why they were included.

At every turn, Israel remembered that God had brought them up out of Egypt and rescued them from slavery. What are some ways we can remember God as rescuer today?



Have someone read Mark 14:12-16. People and preparations were endless in a very busy city during a festival. What are some sights, sounds and smells you can imagine from this passage?

As he always does, Jesus changes expectations of what a Messiah would look like and instead becomes an integral part of the Passover story. As the God who rescues, what does it mean that Jesus takes our place as the Passover lamb?

How could we respond this week to the wonder of the welcoming hand of the God who invites us to a feast?



Today we talked about four elements related to the story of Passover in the Bible. Which one stood out to you, and how could it impact your life this week?