November 25/26 Light of the World
November 25/26 Light of the World

November 25/26 Light of the World

November 25/26 Light of the World



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For November, we’re focusing on the group value of PRAYER. Prayer connects us to Christ, and praying as a group unites your group to each other and God more deeply. Share as a group and lift up your gratitude and requests to God together and for each other.


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Welcome to the second week of our series called TANDEM. This week, we learn how the church has been a light to the world throughout history through word and deed.

Who is someone God has brought into your life that you are thankful for?



Have someone read Matthew 5:14-16 aloud.

In what ways does this passage encourage Christians to let their light shine before others?

How can we hide our light rather than let it shine?

What does this passage say will be the results of Christians shining a light?



This week, John Dickson shared how the church grew by radically demonstrating the message of Christ’s love and sacrifice with deeds of love and sacrifice. Who were some of the main contributors he mentioned?

Which part of the sermon encouraged or challenged you the most, and why?

What do you see as a common perception of Christians in our community?

Isaiah brings up the idea of being a “light” many times (Isaiah 49:6 and 51:4). Who in your life has set a good example, being a light in both word and deed and how did they live this out?

How do our perceptions of and interactions with those we might disagree with change when we view them through the lens of being made in God’s image (Genesis 1:26)?

What things hold us back from stepping in deed towards those who are vulnerable?

Jesus fed the five thousand and shared God’s love with them (Matthew 5:13-21). Where can you share the love of Christ this week through your words?

John Dickson mentioned a family who cared for the sick, marginalized, and children. What group of people is God leading you towards, and how can you serve them in the coming weeks?

John mentioned the top five positive perceptions of Christians (honesty, faithfulness, kindness, loving, and caring), which align with the fruit of the Spirit. Which one of these do you desire to grow in? How can your group pray for you in that area?

Is there anything else from this sermon you wanted to talk about?



Today, we discussed the call to be a light to the world by following Jesus’s example and the example of those in church history to demonstrate Christ’s love and sacrifice with words and deeds. What is one action you want to take this week based on our discussion?

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