November 12/13 Den of Lions
November 12/13 Den of Lions

Nov 12/13 Den of Lions

November 12/13 Den of Lions



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This month we’re focusing on the value of Group Growth. As people visit Ada Bible through the holiday season or return to church for the first time in a long time, it allows us to consider who might need what our group has. Have a conversation with your group about whether there are people you know who could use an invite to your group.


Huddles are happening at your campuses! Huddles are small group leader gatherings designed to help you discuss group leadership with other small group leaders. Please make it a priority to attend one of the upcoming opportunities. If you have questions, reach out to your staff contact.


Welcome to the last week of our series, DANIEL: HONOR IN EXILE. This week we discuss how Daniel trusted God while facing adversity in the lion’s den.

What are your Thanksgiving plans for this year?

Have a couple of people take turns reading the story in Daniel 6. What surprises you or stands out to you from this story?



Daniel has been in Babylon for most of his life, serving different kings. Recap some of the kings he has worked for and the various difficulties he (and his friends) have faced under those rulers.

As a supervisor under Darius, how does the passage describe Daniel’s character and work?

Pastor Aaron Buer reminded us that what we do above the surface that everyone sees AND also what we do under the surface are actually ways that we honor God. Why do you think doing a good job with good character matters so much?

Why do you think we can overlook this, and how can we help each other keep it in mind?

How can we practically honor God with our attitudes and work ethic in the different areas of our lives?



Daniel didn’t pray daily to make a point or even take a stand against this terrible edict. He prayed every day to honor God. What’s the difference between taking a public stand and doing what Daniel did?

This story shows Daniel honoring God despite adversity directly aimed at his faithful practice of worship. How do you think Daniel might have felt to be targeted like that?

There are times we might feel targeted or like someone is out to get us today. In what ways can we still honor God as we deal with the emotions of being disrespected or treated unjustly?



Daniel trusts God whether or not God will choose to save him. What are some times you may have found yourself in the Den of Trust where you needed to trust God no matter what?

Like Daniel’s friends in the fiery furnace, this is a great story whether or not Daniel is rescued. What might we learn or experience when we trust God and still don’t get the outcome we were hoping for?

After Daniel is rescued, Darius issues a new decree for his people to honor Daniel’s God. How have we seen God use this exile to make himself known to the nations outside of Israel?

Often throughout the book of Daniel, God’s name is honored through some kind of adversity. When have you seen God be honored through the actions or attitude of someone going through something difficult?

Adversity is often one of the greatest opportunities to bring God honor. How can this change the way we think and pray as we go through adversity?



Today we talked about honoring God with our attitudes and work and trusting God in the face of adversity. Which of these is the most challenging for you, and what choices will you make to live into that this week?