Nov 9/10 The Bad Report

Nov 9/10 The Bad Report

Nov 9/10 The Bad Report



Singles Groups are hosting a Friendsgiving Friday, November 22 at our East Paris Campus. If you or someone you know might enjoy joining them for a time of fellowship and a great meal, sign up here.


As Thanksgiving approaches, think about celebrating as a group, sharing a meal, and inviting someone to join your group. Holidays are a great time to invite others to come and see what a group is all about and a great way to introduce small group to them in a non-threatening way.


Three times a year, we offer leader training sessions called Huddles.  At Huddles, we gather together at each campus to discuss an important topic that can help us grows as leaders. Our first huddle is November 24 where we are talking about handling and navigating difficult conversations. Click here to sign up at your campus.


Welcome to the fourth week of our series, Culture of the Cross. This week’s conversation centers around a tough and uncomfortable passage aimed at loving and restoring someone back to God’s plan.

What are your plans for Thanksgiving this year?

Have someone from your group read 1 Corinthians 5 aloud. Recap in your own words the sticky situation going on in the church that Paul is addressing.

What is Paul’s hope for this man in the end?  What is his hope for the church? Why is this crucial to understand when reading this passage?



Paul had to address a very uncomfortable situation. How do you think he felt? How do you think those in the church felt when they received his letter?

Pastor Aaron Buer said the guy probably did it because he just wanted to be happy. What are some of the ways our culture focuses on happiness?

Focusing on happiness often leads to regret and consequences. Where have you seen this in your life? Our culture likes to use the phrase, “follow your heart” to justify sinful and selfish choices.  Where do you struggle with “following your heart” when you know it conflicts with God’s plan for your life?

Who does Paul say he passed judgment in the name of? What do you think he means by this?



Read 1 Corinthians 5:1-2 again. This matter isn’t a one-time thing but ongoing. Why do you think that matters?

What attitude does the church have? How was the Corinthian church misunderstanding God’s grace?

Why do you think Paul says they should be mourning? What emotions do you feel when someone begins making decisions counter to God’s plan?

Do you think the church today does well at holding its people accountable to following God’s plan outlined in scripture?

Have you ever been in a situation like the one the Corinthians faced, where a friend who was claiming to follow Jesus was blatantly choosing to disobey God?  How did this make you feel?

Sometimes we think ignoring or affirming someone’s bad choices is loving them. What do you think Paul would say about that?

What are some ways we can handle situations like this with fellow Christians today?



Why does Paul use the analogy of unleavened bread in this passage? What is he trying to get them to understand?

Why is it necessary for the church to deal with something happening like this? How could it negatively influence those in the church?

When have you seen someone restored to the church community from a time of disobedience?

How are you doing right now with walking in obedience to God’s design? Is there something you feel you should change? How can your group pray for and encourage you with this?



This week we considered the importance of genuinely following God’s design as a Jesus-follower. How are you doing at living this out to show others Jesus? Is there anyone on your heart that is struggling to live out their faith that you can pray for God to restore?

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